Jai and Dhara on their honeymoon in Sanskaar

Last week, the show had the phase where Jai and Dhara were still deciding to go to Mumbai for Jai’s official work. Dhara was to accompany him and everyone in the house were happy as they were supposing it will be Dhara and Jai’s honeymoon. Dipika was angry knowing about the honeymoon. Though Jai did not have any such thing in his mind and was always keeping distance from Dhara. Dhara was asked by Parul to accompany Jai only for his safety purpose, to acts as his protective shield against all risks and calamities. Dhara married Jai to save his life and was happy to regard herself as lucky to be able to become a reason that could save Jai’s life.

Jai talks to Dilip and agrees to go Mumbai. Dipika plans to stop Dhara from going to Mumbai and hurts her in kitchen by mixing water in the cooking oil. The oil bursts when Dhara ignites the stove and starts frying the Puris. Dhara gets hurt and her hand burns. Even though, Dhara is firm in her decision and says she will go to Mumbai with Jai. Dipika tries her best to stop Dhara with the help of Ketki. Ketki is always against Dhara and does not wish to see her happy. Dipika puts itching powder on Dhara’s clothes in her bag and thinks how will she be saved this time. But Dhara’s bag gets exchanged with Jai’s friend Tewur’s wife Sheetal’s bag. Dhara gets Sheetal clothes.

The week showed some fun elements where Jai’s friend Tewur comes to the Vaishnav house with his wife Sheetal. The couple has a fresh feel and brought on some cute moments between Jai and Dhara, pulling them to be together. The couple soon left as they had some other plan. Soon after they leave, Jai and Dhara leave for Mumbai. They reach the hotel and Dhara is shocked to see Sheetal’s clothes in the bag. Jai says it may have got exchanged with Sheetal’s bag. Dhara wears a night suit of Sheetal and Jai can’t get his eyes off her. Music plays when they have an eyelock. Dhara hides under the cover seeing Jai.

He asks her to change and wear something appropriate. She gets to wear Jai’s clothes and rests. The next day, she wears Sheetal’s dress and Jai and Dipika arranges a video chat. Everyone are happy to see Dahra wearing the salwar suit. She looks gorgeous in it. Even Jai for the very first time, compliments her for her beautiful looks. Dhara gets happy and accompanies Jai for his official meeting. Jai asks Dhara to wait outside the conference hall. She sleeps there for sometime and meanwhile Jai leaves with his clients. Dhara looks at him while he is leaving and runs after his car.

She follows his car upto much distance and gets lost in Mumbai. Jai does not know about Dhara being lost. Dhara tries to call Jai but could not reach him. She meets Murli, the same man who represents her Kishan ji. Murli have always helped her in the past. Murli is happy to know that Dhara married Jai. He asks about Jai and Dhara tells him that she is lost. Murli says he will surely help her in reaching back to the hotel. Murli asks Dhara to follow her heart and think about the various turns she took while following Jai’a car and running after him. Dhara closes her eyes and follows her heart. She takes the opposite turns and Murli smiles looking at her confidence. Dhara and Murli reach the hotel. She meets Jai at the hotel and saves him from entering the under repair lift. Anyone who would have been in the lift could die as told by the manager. Dhara stops Jai and even Jai realizes that Dhara is his protective shield who always save him from accidents and risks. Jai and Dhara spend some time together on the beaches in Mumbai. Dhara is happy to become Jai’s wife for one day.

Will Jai realize that Dhara did not marry him for money? Will he find out the truth about Dhara? Will he fall in love with Dhara? What will Dipika do to drift apart the lovers? Will Dhara save Jai everytime in the coming seven months? Stay tuned to get the answers of these questions. Keep watching this space for more updates next week.