Do Dil Ek Jaan ends on a sad note on Life Ok

Do Dil Ek Jaan has ended abruptly. Raghu and Antara were the hot pair of the show. Their characters were killed in the show by the bad man Satya and his mum Daya Maai. Before her death, Antara gave birth to a son Vidhaan. Satya marries Manjari as Daya Maai insisted him to have a family. Satya got a daughter Vedika. The show took a 20 year leap and the children were the leads in it. Antara and Raghu’s charm in the show was missing and the show dropped its TRPs.

Vidhaan is played by Kanwar Dhillon who is quite known among the budding artists. Ayaz Ahmed has become a common name in every home as Raghu. The male leads have been liked by a lot of female audience. Though Nikita Sharma portraying the role of Antara too became a household name. Her role as the shy, confident, lovable and strong character won many hearts. Raghu was the man who always kept his words. His charm was inimitable.

The show was going on a smooth track when Antara and Raghu’s love story was shown. Soon after Antara married Satya, the track deviated and lost its charm. Antara realized her love for Raghu and ran away with him ditching Satya. Satya hunted the lovers and shot them. Raghu and Antara’s love story was a hit and the title track of the show Mera Mahi tu……… was famous and unique.

Vidhaan and Vedika did not create any special magic to keep the show going. Raghu and Antara had hot chemistry between them. Vidhaan and Vedika did not had such rocking chemistry between them, and the show failed to impress the audience. Raghu’s fan left the show soon after his character died in the show. Satya killed Antara and Raghu and tried to find their son. But Antara’s mum Geeta saved the child and did his upbringing. She taught him to take revenge with Satya telling Vidhaan how his parents were brutally murdered by Satya and Daya Maai.

Vidhaan was grown up listening to Antara and Raghu’s love story. Vidhaan comes into the locality and targets on Satya’s Jaan Vedika. He aims to hurt Satya by using his daughter and dumping her to break her heart. But he really falls in love with Vedika. Vedika too loves him. Vidhaan tells Vedika that her dad has killed his dad and mum. He tells her that he has come to take revenge from Satya. Vedika gets angry knowing this, but she is told that Satya is a devil and has made him an orphan, she reluctantly goes against Satya.

Daya Maai is killed by her right hand Manohar. Satya and Manohar get into a fight and Manjari gets killed in the fight. Satya on seeing this, kills Manohar. Satya loses his family and has only Vedika with him. Vedika too leaves Satya and starts supporting Vidhaan. She is badly hurt by Satya’s murdering act. When she confronts Satya, Satya lies to her. Vedika believes Vidhaan and they marry in Antara’s house. Satya then going mad in anger kills Geeta. MachMach is the witness of all slaying.

Satya and Vidhaan get on one to one fight and Satya kills Vidhaan too. Vedika is shocked and heart broken seeing this. She tells Satya that she is his Jaan and would kill herself in order to make him repent. She shoots herself. Satya thinks about his moments with his family and is in a state of shock. He goes to his house and shoots himself and dies. The show ended on a sad note where all the characters died. Life Ok will have some other offering at Do Dil Ek Jaan’s slot. It is yet to be seen what replaces it.