Jai walks on hot burning coal praying for Dhara’s life in Sanskaar

Hitesh hires a DJ and to everyone’s surprise its none other than Murli. Dhara asks Murli does he do this work also. Murli says yes, he loves music. He tells Ketki that he is hungry and wants food, but she avoids him and leaves. Dhara tells him that she will bring food for him. He asks her to bring butter for him. He eats lots of butter and tells her that he loves playing flute. He pacifies her and tells her that the Lord will help her, just follow her dreams and believe in Lord’s signs. Dhara gets the same dream again.She gets scared. Dhara and Dipika are asked to meet a woman Saraswati who blesses them for being pregnant. She gives him Lord’s blessings. Dipika laughs on her and does not keep the blessings safe, but Dhara respects her.

Dipika acts like she is not pregnant and dances in the sangeet function too. Everyone notice and think why is Dikipika doing this, not caring about her baby and dancing like this. Ketki hears them talking and stops Dipika from being foolish. Jai thinks why is Dipika behaving like this. The kids brings some CDs from Dipika’s room and give it to Jai to check whether it has their songs or not. They play a CD and leave. Jai comes there and sees the video recording of the hotel where it is seen that it was Dhara with him in the hotel room and not Dipika. He is shocked and thinks how much Dipika lied to him. He feels Dhara loves him, but she has not done right by hiding it from him. He thinks maybe Dipika forced her to lie to me. He thinks of Dhara’s words that she loves Kishan and thinks its me.

He thinks Dhara is only his and will be always his wife. He becomes happy and keeps the CD safe. Jai dances happily in the Sangeet and everyone think why is Jai dancing like this, maybe he has accepted his fate and Dipika as his life partner. Even Dhara does not understand. Murli leaves as he has done the work of making the CD reach Jai. Jai tells Hasmukh and Dilip that Dipika is not pregnant. They are shocked and asks him the matter. Jai tells them everything and shows them the CD. He tells them that it was Dhara with him that night. Jai plans to expose Dipika infront of everyone and make her admit that she is not pregnant and she did all this to marry him.

The wedding day comes. Dipika and Jai sit in the mandap. Hasmukh stops the marriage and tells Jiten that this marriage can’t happen as Dipika is pregnant. The pandit also confirms that a pregnant woman can’t take the rounds as if it’s a daughter in her womb, then she will also get married to the man. Dipika is shocked. Jai says he will not marry Dipika now, but after she delivers the baby. Dipika tells him that she can marry him as she is not pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Jai fools her saying he will marry her but once tell him who was with her that night in hotel room. Dipika says she was not with him and she lied to him.

Jai plays the CD and it shows how Dhara went in the room and Dipika left. Everyone are stunned seeing the CD and understand that Dhara is having Jai’s child. Jai tells everyone that he is the father of Dhara’s child and he did not do anything wrong, what happened between them was justified as they are husband and wife and its not wrong to have a relation. Everyone smile. Dipika gets angry and in a rage she aims at Jai. Dhara stops her and comes in between. Dhara gets shot and faints. Dipika panics. Hasmukh calls the police to arrest Dipika. Dipika and Ketki cry.

Jai gets worried for Dhara and rushes to take her to the hospital. Dhara is being treated by the doctors and they tell everyone that she is in danger and they will try their best. Jai thinks Dhara will leave him like Bhoomi and die. He goes to the temple and walks on hot coal to make Lord listen to his prayers, Dhara’s condition becomes stable and the doctors tell everyone that she is now fine. Hasmukh comes to Jai and stops him. He informs him that Dhara is fine now. Jai comes to meet Dhara and promises her that he will never leave her now. He says we will live for each other now. They both hold hands and are very happy. They say I love you to each other and smile. What will Dipika do now? Keep reading.