Anshuman and Pakhi dating and very much in love in Tumhari Pakhi

Tanya pushes Pakhi off the terrace while Anshuman, Girish and Lavanya look on. Anshuman rushes to save Pakhi seeing her hang holding the balcony. He comes to her and as her hand slips, he holds her hand and pulls her upwards. He saves Pakhi and gets much angry on Tanya. Mr. Rana scolds Anshuman for talking rudely to Tanya. Anshuman bursts on him finally and shouts on him. He tells him about what his status was and reminds him of his poor old days. Mr. Rana gets a big insult from Anshuman and fumes in anger.

Anshuman asks him to take his daughter and leave from his house. Tanya tells Anshuman that she loves him a lot and she did not wish to kill Pakhi, it was her dad who asked her to kill Pakhi. Anshuman is shocked and scolds both of them. He kicks them out of his house. Anshuman hugs Pakhi and asks are you fine. He tells her what she means to him and Ayaan. He requests her to stay with them forever as Ayaan needs her as a mum and he needs her as a life partner. Pakhi is very happy and agrees to live with them.

Anshuman thanks her and feels he is selfish to make her stay with them for their happiness. Pakhi tells him that even she wants to live with them as she loves him and Ayaan a lot. Lavanya and Girish asks Anshuman to tell I love you to Pakhi. Anshuman says there is much gap between them and he does not love Pakhi, he respects her as she is a very good human being. She is honest, down to earth, loving, caring and respects everyone. He says she always helps others and treats the poor also equally.

He says he will need time to fall in love and there was no courtship between them. He says I brought her here as my wife and `now she is Ayaan’s mum, we did not get time to spend with each other. He tells them the importance of dating and falling in love. He says we did not get time as girlfriend and boyfriend, we were only husband and wife. Pakhi understands his words and shifts to Lavanya’s house to make Anshuman miss her. Girish calls Anshuman and tells him that Pakhi left home and went to bus stop. Anshuman and Ayana rush to the bus stop and look for Pakhi to stop her.

They see a modern girl sitting on a bench wearing glasses and a mini dress. She turns and they are shocked to see that its Pakhi. Pakhi tells him that she is his girlfriend from today and he is her boyfriend, now they will be dating for 7 days, and they should fall in love in this duration. Anshuman agrees and is very happy. He brings her home and she says she will stay in guest room as she is no more his wife to share the same bedroom. Anshuman is in love with her new hot look.

Pakhi and Anshuman start dating and they enjoy each other’s company. Anshuman and Pakhi spend time with each other and hangout at nights. Ayaan sees them together and thinks they are going really slow, he thinks he has to help them and make them move on fast and get closer. Pakhi challenges Anshuman to beat on a bald man’s head. Anshuman is scared of getting beaten up and refuses. Pakhi says she will show him how to do it and goes to talk to the man. She praises his bald head and asks him can I touch it once. He says yes. Pakhi beats him and Anshuman is shocked. He comes back to him laughing. He says you have cheated as you have used girl charm on that man.

Things go on well between them and they come home. Anshuman tells Pakhi that he had 13 girlfriends. Pakhi also lies to him and tells him that she had a boyfriend. She does not tell the name. Anshuman sticks to her to know the name and at last he comes to know from her in sleeping state that he was Rohan. He is stunned thinking could Pakhi have any boyfriend. He tells her that he knows the secret. She says even she will find his secret and will tease him. When will Anshuman confess his love to Pakhi? Keep reading.