Jennifer Winget Has The CUTEST Way To Thank Her Constants for a Special Feat!

The ‘Beyhadh’ actor accomplished the 2 Million followers mark on Instagram.

Thanks to social media, it’s become rather easy for the fans to reach out to their favorite actors, and of course, it’s even easier for the latter to keep their fans updated too.

Though it just numbers when it comes to the followers on social media accounts, it does represent the magnitude of love and adulation a particular actor is blessed with. Recently, actresses, Krystle Dsouza and Radhika Madan reached the 2 Million and 1 million mark on Instagram respectively. And now doubling her millionaire status on Instagram is none other than our Television diva Jennifer Winget aka Maya herself.

Jennifer did not cease to acknowledge this and decided to thank her fans with a rather cute gesture-There

definitely isn’t any looking back, isn’t it? We wish you loads of success and luck in the years to come, Jennifer.