Lajjo catches the epidemic disease, Nikhil and Ishaana on a romantic high in Gustakh Dil

We have seen the epidemic disease spreading rapidly in Lajjo’s village Sonbarsa. Lajjo’s dad asks his wife where is Lajjo. His wife tells him that Lajjo is helping Doctor Kaka treat the ill patients in his hospital. She says Lajjo is not coming home even at nights and treating the patients round the clock, giving them medicines and glucose. She says Lajjo is working hard with the Doctor, but she is afraid that Lajjo can also get that killer disease. They are shocked to know that many homes are losing their families. Many people die in the village. Every day three to four people die in the village and this leaves Sonbarsa becoming a death valley.

Nikhil is unaware that Lajjo is serving the people in need of medical help. Barkha makes the divorce papers ready. She wants Lajjo to exit from Nikhil’s life permanently. She says she does not want to see Lajjo in Nikhil’s life again. She gives the divorce papers to Nikhil. Ishaana comes to meet Nikhil and talks to him about Lajjo and what he wants to do in future. She asks him will he marry her or is he serious about their relationship. She says Lajjo left you for our happiness. She wants to see you happy. It is good even for her as she would have not bear more insult leaving in this house being your wife and staying in a separate room. She says this would be prosperous for us and Lajjo as well.

She explains him that he should move on in his life and not think about Lajjo. She asks him to take a good decision for a final time. She asks him do you want to sign the divorce papers or not, do you want to end this marriage or not. Nikhil is speechless. Ishaana makes him sign the divorce papers. Nikhil at last signs it and gives her the papers. Ishaana is happy that Nikhil will be free from his marriage soon. Barkha asks inder to take Lajjo’s address form her father so that she can send the papers for Lajjo to sign on it. Inder says he won’t be talking to his dad for this. He asks her to get the address herself. Inder tells Nikhil that he will make sure Lajjo gets everything in her life which she deserves apart from him. He says we will help her financially and also bear the expenses of her second marriage.

Nikhil starts missing Lajjo. Everytime he feels Lajjo will be coming back but in vain. Gunjan wears Lajjo’s anklet. Nikhil hears that sound and thinks Lajjo has come back. He looks around for her at home but sees Gunjan wearing it. Gunjan asks her are you missing Lajjo. Nikhil gets angry and asks her to keep the anklet inside. Gunjan understands that Nikhil is missing Lajjo but not admitting it. Ishaana and Nikhil meet on a date and she gets drunk. She sings songs on the road and shouts I love you Nikhil. Nikhil is happy with her as its after a long time that they are spending good time with each other. Barkha is happy seeing them. She wishes they get married soon after the divorce happens.

Lajjo breaks the news to her mum that she has broken every relation with Nikhil and his family. She tells her that no one will be coming now to ask for her. She says Nikhil is not waiting for her and she will stay here only with her family. Her mum is shocked and cries thinking about Lajjo’s fate. Lajjo’s mum tries to stop Lajjo from going to the hospital and locks her inside the room. But Lajjo jumps off the wall and rushes to the hospital to cure the ill patients. The patients increases in number and the hospital does not place for them. Lajjo catches the disease too and her mum notices some red marks on her back. She gets worried for Lajjo. Lajjo asks her not to worry. She faints in the hospital and her mum is shocked to see her on the ground. Doctor Kaka admits Lajjo in the hospital. It is a deadly disease. Will Lajjo survive or die? Will Nikhil come to meet Lajjo right on time? Keep reading.