Sanchi violation case going on against Saurabh in Balika Vadhu

Anandi meets Saurabh and asks him to delete the video. Saurabh lies to her that he deleted the video and shows her his mobile. Anandi checks his phone and does not find the video. She leaves. Anandi tells Sanchi that she has checked Saurabh’s phone and the video was not there. Sanchi says she does not trust Saurabh anymore and he might be still having the video. She says what will happen if he makes the video go on net, she won’t be able to face anyone then. Saurabh takes out his another mobile which has the video. He thinks it would be wise to keep the video as he can use it at the hour of need to blackmail Sanchi. He thinks Sanchi’s family in influential and he can land in a problem, so that video can help him later on.

Anandi asks Sanchi to tell her family the truth about the video and Saurabh. Sanchi comes to them with Anandi. Sanchi tells everyone about her and Saurabh’s dating. She tells them that she met Saurabh through Ankita. She says Saurabh took her to a party and took advantage of her. She says she felt dizzy after she had the drink and does not know what happened with her after that. She tells them about the video which Saurabh took of his bad act. She says Saurabh has sent me the video and I m shocked seeing this and can’t believe he is so cheap. Everyone are shocked to know about the video. Ira gets angry on Sanchi and says for what are you punishing us, you don’t care about the family name, you don’t care about us. Ira is about to slap Sanchi but Anandi stops her. Alok says we must not forgive Saurabh for this thing, we must get him punished.

Sanchi says this is a very terrible feeling and I m ready to bear anything to get justice. Dadisa is happy after Jagya told her that she is his inspiration. The way she stood alone and fought for the village rights with Mehra was outstanding. She has become an inspiration for everyone. Anandi and Shiv see this on tv and are proud of Dadisa. Shiv says I see Anandi in Dadisa. Anandi says she is nothing infront of Dadisa. Alok and Ira talk about Sanchi. Alok says we should support Sanchi, else what will people learn from us. Sanchi asks Shiv to hire the same lawyer which fought against her in court in Jagya’s case. She says he is a true man and he will make us win this case. Shiv says fine, I will talk to Mr. Vivek Kabra.

The inspector comes to Saurabh’s home and arrests him on violation charges. Saurabh’s parents are shocked to know about this. Saurabh says that girl is lying about me, I did not do anything. Vivek Kabra is Saurabh’s brother. Shiv calls Vivek and fixes a meeting. Saurabh meets Vivek and tells him that he did not do anything and that girl Sanchi is characterless. Vivek believes him and assures him that he will be free. He asks Saurabh not to worry. Shiv meets Vivek and shows him the FIR papers. Vivek is shocked to see Saurabh’s name as the accused. He says I won’t take this case as I already know that Sanchi is an attention seeker and a liar. Anandi says Sanchi has really changed. Vivek asks Sanchi to take the case back or she will have to bear the consequences.

Vivek bails out Saurabh from the police station. Saurabh calls Sanchi and threatens her saying he will make the video go viral. Sanchi gets scared and tells this to Anandi. Anandi says Saurabh is a coward, he won’t be able to do anything. The court case begins. Saurabh is asked to give a DNA test. Vivek asks him not to worry as the results will be negative and he will be proved innocent. Everyone hopes on the DNA report. Saurabh changes the report by bribing the hospital staff. In the court, Sanchi is blamed for everything. She is called a liar and also that she ruined Jagya’s name earlier in similar case. Vivek says I m with truth always and this time my brother is the victim. What will happen now? Will Saurabh be proved guilty? Keep reading.