Lajjo comes to know Mili is not Sagar’s daughter, but Kabir’s; Lajjo and Sagar working hard to succeed in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo has got another close enemy as Barkha has hired Nethra to work against Lajjo and make her lose all top interviews and fall in Sagar’s eyes. Nethra taunts Lajjo to break her confidence, but Lajjo answers her well and is ready to prove herself. Sagar thinks of his happy marriage with Arohi. They were in love but later on, Arohi had an affair with Kabir and has ditched Sagar. Sagar locks himself in the room as its her death anniversary. Singh says Sagar can’t forget this day. Lajjo asks them to tell her everything. Anjali asks Lajjo not to disturb Sagar as he wants to be alone on this date and drink to forget the pain.

Lajjo says how can he drink, he has promised me that he won’t drink. Anjali says this pain is bigger than that promise. Anjali says its hard for him to forget Arohi. Sagar thinks how Arohi cheated him and takes a wine bottle. Lajjo says I know he is sad and wants to be alone, but what about Mili, think about her. She goes and opens Sagar’s room’s door. She walks in and finds him fine and not drinking. Sagar says I did not drink as I promised Lajjo. Lajjo says I trusted you. Anjali says we have done the final dance arrangements. Sagar says fantastic, show me. Singh says we thought not to disturb you today.

Sagar says we have less time, show it to me what you prepared. He says I have imagined that this day is over for me, it ended for me and now it’s a new start for me. Sagar says you don’t know its my wife’s death anniversary, its that day when I was blamed for her death. He tells her everything how he was arrested. The media questioned him about why he killed Arohi. She asks him why did he not tell everyone that Arohi did suicide and he did not kill her. He shows her suicide letter and asks her to read it.

Nikhil is unaware that his boss is making him smuggle diamonds and is happy being promoted and getting high pay. He tells this to Inder who gets worried for his innocent son, asking him to be alert as the world is not so good and fair as he thinks. Nikhil sees the photo of him and Ratri in the newspaper and understands it was Barkha’s plan. He confronts her. Barkha tries to defend herself. Nikhil and Barkha have a heated argument. Barkha calls Nethra and she tells her about Lajjo/Trishna’s radio interview and asks her to stop Lajjo from going there.

Lajjo reads Sagar’s letter and comes to know that Mili is not his daughter, but Arohi and Kabir’s daughter. She is shocked. Lajjo says you have bear a lot, for Mili, to save her from the taunts of the world, and I always said you don’t love Mili. Ayesha meets the lawyer and bails out Adhiraj. Nethra takes Lajjo to a restaurant where she leaves Lajjo tp pay the bill making an excuse that she is going to loo. Lajjo gets stuck there without her purse, as Nethra has taken it. he manager asks her to do the payment. Lajjo gives her watch and gold bangles.

He says we want cash or pay by credit card, call anyone, we won’t let you go without the payment.Lajjo thinks she has the radio interview and Sagar will be very upset if she goes late. She calls Rancho and tells the problem. Rancho too does not have money and asks Nikhil to lend some. Rancho comes and pays the bill freeing Lajjo. Lajjo comes to Sagar and does not tell him what Nethra did. She tells him that she was helping her friend and got late. Lajjo scolds Nethra having understood her real motives.

She asks her not to play with Sagar’s name associated with them now. Ayesha meets Adhiraj at his home and confesses her feeling for him saying I love you. He also tells her that he loves her but their relation has no future, so she has to forget him. Ayesha cries and leaves. Barkha meets Sagar to convince him to work with Ratri and forget Trishna. Sagar praises Lajjo saying Trishna is simple, honest, hardworking and this is her exfactor. Barkha says compare her to Ratri. Sagar says why did Ratri come in between. Barkha says she met me and she wants to join you. Sagar asks are you serious and laughs. He says I want values, Ratri does not substance, Trishna is beautiful from heart, meet her once then I m sure you will change your decision.

Barkha says I m sorry, I m not doing charity to give anyone a chance. Barkha refuses to help him in getting sponsorship and leaves. Sagar wonders why has Barkha changed to much. Sagar gives an advance cheque to Lajjo and some cash. She cries thinking Barkha did not accept her as she was poor. Nikhil is asked to go to Dubai for a client meeting and is excited. He wants to give everyone a treat and takes them to a mall where Lajjo has taken her parents, who came from village to meet her. Lajjo and Nikhil see each other or somewhere else. What will happen now? Will Nikhil come to know Lajjo is upcoming star Trishna? Keep reading.

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