Zubair arrested on Usman’s murder attempt charges; Advocate Rehaan Khan’s takes Zubair’s case in Beintehaa

The family comes to know about Usman’s accident. They rush to the hospital to see Usman while he is taken for the operation. Zain breaks down and Aaliya sits by his side to support him. Zain refers her as mamu ki bhanji and says nothing will happen to her mamu as he is a superman. He asks her to go to Surayya and console her. Aaliya does so but Surayya is in no mood to listen to Aaliya, thinking about Barkat’s words. Zain says we must be brave and Aaliya taught him this thing. Everyone pray for Usman.

Zain asks the doctor about Usman. Doctor says due to sever impact, Usman’s spinal card is injured and they should wait for another 24 hours. Shaziya starts acting and says if Usman would not have gone to office, accident would not have happened. Surayya remembers Aaliya forcing Usman to go to office and she alleges Aaliya for Usman’s accident. Fahad and Zain listen to her allegations and ask her to stop overacting as Usman would not like it. Surayya says Usman is her husband and she is not overacting. Aaliya tells Zain that she is going to pray tonight as its Shabe Baraat and her prayers will be surely answered by Allah.

Zain climbs up the pipe and enters the ICU where Usman is kept. He has an emotional talk with him as its father’s day too, he wishes him and asks him to get well soon. He keeps Aaliya’s given taweez near Usman and starts reciting it. Zain gets happy seeing Usman opening his eyes but gets worried seeing him crying with pain. The doctor checks Usman and tells everyone that he got paralysis. Everyone is shocked. Zain asks Surayya not to cry as he will make his dad fine again. Aaliya and Zubair’s parents come to see Usman and are shocked seeing him senseless on the wheelchair.

They feel very bad for him. Zain explains Aaliya about Usman’s medicines and his diet. Aaliya says Zain is Usman’s actual medicine and asks him to take care of him. Aaliya promises him that she will always be with him. Inspector says he is sorry about Usman’s accident and will find the culprit soon. Zain scolds his staff for being so careless. Inspector starts his investigation and says he will inform him whatever evidence he gets.Surayya verbally fires on Aaliya and scolds Shabana too. Aaliya feels bad and Zain consoles her hugging her. Inspector comes and tells Zain that someone has tampered the lift and They suspect Zubair to be behind this as they have some proof. Zain angrily holds Zubair’s collar.

Zubair asks why will he try to kill Usman. Surayya says he did it because she caught him red-handed sleeping with Aaliya. Surayya asks inspector to arrest Zubair. Zain says if Zubair is guilty, he will make sure he is punished. Aaliya says she will not let Zubair punished as he is innocent. Zubair pleads Surayya’s family to believe him that he did not try to kill Usman. Surayya slaps Zubair being much angry on him. Inspector informs Zubair that it is his court hearing today and advocate Rehaan is handling his case. Zubair informs Aaliya that he has got a govt lawyer to handle his case, is name is Rehaan Khan.

Zain informs Usman that yesterday night police arrested Zubair on charges of attempt to murder. Rehan studies Zubair’s papers and says he hates lies and asks Zubair to tell him the truth. Zubair describes him the whole incident.Zain and Surayya come to know that Aaliya went to meet Zubair and is supporting him. Aaliya recites Holy Quran and thinks she got answer now and knows what to do, she thinks of informing about it to Zain. Zubair tells Rehaan that he went out to attend an important call and then Usman’s accident happened. Rehaan asks him to sign legal papers before reaching court room.

Rehaan informs that for Zubair’s bail approval, he needs 4 lakhs and Zubair said its only Aaliya who can help him. Surayya says no one here will help you in this matter. Aaliya says she will help Zubair with bail money. Aaliya says Allah has said in Quran to help the needy. Aaliya says Zain knows she will not do anything wrong and he is with her. Surayya asks Zain if he is ready to help a man who tried to kill his father. He asks Aaliya how can she bail out Zubair.

Surayya says if Aaliya goes to meet or help Zubair, this she would have to leave this house forever. Aaliya says what if Usman gets well and says Zubair is innocent, how will he feel then. She says Holy Quran commands to help the innocent. Aaliya tells Zain that she will not go against him and not step out of the house without his permission. She asks him to permit her to help Zubair. Will Zain agree to help Zubair and Aaliya? Keep reading.