Lajjo finally accepts Nikhil’s love in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil leaves for Sonbarsa to meet Lajjo. He is very happy after Ishaana gave him the permission to go and fetch his love Lajjo. He is glad that Ishaana did no create any big scene and is really cool about this matter. He is on the way and meets Sagar. Sagar argues with some villagers and Nikhil helps them end their fight. Sagar and Nikhil have a good talk and leaves for their routes. Nikhil thinks how he met Lajjo the first time when he came to Sonbarsa, how she was fighting with him for the sake of her cow Parvati. He smiles and thinks about her moments at his home. He reaches her home and meets her parents.

He asks them where is Lajjo, I have come to meet her. Her parents are very angry on him and scold him for coming back to hurt Lajjo again. They tell him that Lajjo is not at home. Nikhil leaves and finds Putti. He asks her about Lajjo. Putti tells him that Lajjo went to the old fort. Nikhil thanks her and comes to meet Lajjo. He sees her performing the puja for his long life and is touched. Lajjo sees him and thinks he is he here on his engagement day with Ishaana. She asks him the reason of his coming. He tells her that he has cancelled his engagement.

She asks him the reason of such a big move as he has always loved Ishaana. He tells her that he does not love Ishaana and loves her. Lajjo is shocked. He says I love you Lajjo, please give me one chance to prove my life, I will keep you very happy and will never hurt you. Lajjo says all this is wrong, I was sending you the divorce papers. He says its not required now. He asks her to believe him and his love. He tries hard to convince her and shows her the sindoor which Ishaana has given for her. He says only you have the right on this.

Lajjo gets confused and is not able to believe him, as he can change again. She leaves from the old fort. Nikhil follows her everywhere and stands outside her house. Lajjo sees him and does not react as she is very angry on him. She thinks of his words when he scolded her in anger. She feels he will change his mind again and go back to Ishaana leaving her and hurting her feelings again. She can’t believe him, but she cares for him, whether he had food or not, whether he is in comfort zone or not. Lajjo’s dad sees love in Nikhil’s eyes for Lajjo and supports him. He gives him some tips to win Lajjo’s heart. He asks Nikhil to spend some time with Lajjo and be with her like her shadow. Lajjo’s mum scolds Nikhil saying he may again ditch her.

Nikhil’s grandpa comes to talk to Lajjo’s parents. Lajjo’s mum tells him that they can’t send Lajjo with Nikhil now as they can’t trust him anymore. Nikhil has always changed his mind again and again and he may fall in love with some other girl and as he left Ishaana now, he can leave Lajjo too to get another girl. She says Nikhil is not reliable now and he may hurt Lajjo again. She is not a toy to spend some time with her and throw her in dustbin after he gets over her. She lays her fears about Lajjo and says she is against Nikhil this time.

Nikhil waits for Lajjo at the bus stand and supports her in the bus too. Lajjo at last smiles and comes home. She sees Nikhil standing outside from day to night and starts feeling his love. She thinks he has really changed and loves her. It rains and Nikhil stands in the rain. Lajjo gets worried for him and comes to him. She then moves away from him and comes back running to him as she could not stop her feelings. Nikhil and Lajjo have a romantic hug in the rain.

Nikhil tells her that he loves only her, he really really loves her a lot. He asks her to trust his love and give him just one chance. Lajjo accepts his love and Nikhil is very happy. Both of them spend some time together. He promises her that he will never leave her and will always support her. Barkha tells Samrat that she will never accept Lajjo as her bahu. What will happen now with Lajjo? Keep reading.