Lajjo to get critical, Nikhil gets restless to meet her in Gustakh Dil

Last week, we have seen how Lajjo left Nikhil and came to her parents house in the village. Samrat brought her here with him. While Samrat had some differences with his father and sister, his sister has forgiven him but his father did not. His father is still adamant and leaves no option for Samrat than to leave from his house. Samrat asks Lajjo is she coming with him. Lajjo says she wants to live with her parents for some more days and asks him to go to the city alone. Samrat does not know about her decision of leaving Nikhil. He leaves from the village.

Lajjo’s parents are worried seeing Lajjo as she does not sound happy and cheerful as she is. Lajjo‘s mum asks her husband to go to Nikhil’s house and find out what’s going on in their life and why is Lajjo here without Nikhil. Lajjo’s dad agrees and goes to meet Nikhil and Barkha. Ishaana comes to Nikhil wearing a saree and Nikhil is much happy seeing her. He is bowled over by her beauty. Everyone go out for shopping when Lajjo’s dad comes. Barkha comes back with Nikhil and Ishaana and is shocked to see him. Barkha tells Lajjo’s dad the truth that she has never accepted Lajjo as her bahu and Nikhil’s wife. She tells him that Nikhil wants divorce from Lajjo soon and wants to get married to Ishaana.

Lajjo’s dad is shocked and breaks down. Nikhil asks him how is Lajjo. Lajjo’s dad asks her not to ask about Lajjo as she is his daughter, a strong woman. Barkha tells him that Lajjo left Nikhil and this house by her wish. Lajjo’s dad leaves. Ishaana is a witness of this scene and cries feeling bad for Lajjo. She tells Rancho that Lajjo is different, she is not like us, she loves Nikhil and she will never remarry to someone else. She says Lajjo has ruined her life for Nikhil’s happiness. Rancho says yes, Lajjo has won over you, you have Nikhil now but you lost to Lajjo in goodness, Lajjo has sacrificed her love and life for their happiness.

A flu is going viral in the village. Doctor kaka is worried about the villagers and he thinks from where will the money come for the medicines. Lajjo gives him her jewellery and asks him to sell it and get money for the medicines. Doctor kaka is shocked. He asks what will Nikhil and his family say if they come to know about this. Lajjo tells him that she has left the house and now she has nothing to do with Nikhil and his family. Doctor kaka is surprised and asks her to think on her decision. Ayesha talks to Nikhil and says its all Lajjo’s drama that she has not told her dad the truth and send him here. Nikhil raises on her praising Lajjo. He makes Ayesha realize what Lajjo did for her.

Ayesha tells Barkha that it was Lajjo who has sent Nikhil on time to the farm house to save her from Sid. She tells her that Sid was a bad guy who tried to molest her. Barkha is shocked. Nikhil talks about Lajjo’s goodness. Nikhi misbehaves with Samrat and later on apologizes to him. Samrat says you are not a weak person, give your marriage a chance. Lajjo is a nice girl with good family values, she is a selfless girl. Nikhil says I m feeling bad how the truth came out infront of Lajjo’s dad. He says he did not wish this to happen. He says I m feeling guilty. Samrat asks him not to blame himself. Nikhil breaks down.

Ishaana comes to meet Nikhil. She asks him what did he think about his divorce with Lajjo. Nikhil is speechless. Barkha has made the divorce papers of Nikhil and Lajjo ready. She wants Nikhil to rectify his mistake by marrying Ishaana. She wishes Lajjo does not ever come back in Nikhil’s life. The coming episodes will show that Lajjo catches the disease and gets critical. When Nikhil comes to know about this, he rushes to meet Lajjo. What will happen now? Will Nikhil understand that his care for Lajjo is his love? Keep reading.