Saachi violated by Saurabh in Balika Vadhu

Last week, the question is everyone’s mind was will Anandi be able to save Saachi this time. Saachi was to be sexually abused by her boyfriend Saurabh whom she blindly trusted. The story this week begins like this. Anandi looks out for Saachi and reaches the farm house. Saachi and Saurabh are dancing on some song. Saachi stops dancing and says I can’t dance more, my head is aching. She tells Saurabh that she loves him from the bottom of her heart and trusts him a lot. Saurabh is a cruel man who does not know what true love is.

Saurabh pushes her on the bed when she becomes totally unconscious. He gets closer to her in bed and sexually abuses her. Saachi is unaware that she has been violated. Anandi and Payal are looking out in the party and asks about Saachi to everyone. Saurabh records his dirty act in his mobile phone. He records a video of his sex act and leaves from the phone after finishing his sexual thirst. Saurabh comes down to his friends and shows them the sex video. His friends enjoy looking at the video. Anandi comes to know that Saachi went upstairs.

Anandi goes upstairs and finds a room. She enters the room and is shocked to see Saachi lying on the bed with some marks on her face. Anandi calls Shiv and he reaches the place too. Shiv and Anandi try to wake up Saachi but she is on the dose of sedatives. They think that Saurabh has given her the sedatives and take her to the hospital as she is unconscious. The doctor checks Saachi and says that she has beenn intimate with a guy, she had sexual relations. Everyone are shocked. Anandi informs this to Ira.

Saachi comes to her senses and does not know how she is here. Ira scolds her for ruining their family’s name and crossing the limits. Saachi says she does not remember anything. Ira says how can this be, look at your father and brother, what will happen to their reputation now. You did not care about anyone and fulfilled what you wanted to. Saachi really does not know what happened and is innocent. Anandi says maybe Saachi is unaware that she has been sleeping with Saurabh. Ira cries breaking down.

The doctor checks Saachi’s blood sample and confirms that it has drugs in it. He says Saachi was given the daytrade drugs in any drink and she became unconscious. A person’s brain and body becomes unconscious and they can’t know what is happening to them. The doctor says Saachi is violated by someone. Everyone are shocked and shattered. Anandi thinks of talking to Saachi without letting her know this truth. Anandi asks Saachi whether she remembers anything about the night. Saachi says I had just one or two drinks and Saurabh was with me. She says I don’t know what happened later, I don’t remember.

Anandi tells everyone that Saachi is innocent and she does not remember anything. Shiv and Alok decide to file a police FIR but Ira asks them not to. She says it will ruin family’s prestige and also Saachi’s life. Alok says what’s more important, family’s prestige or justice for Saachi. Saachi calls Saurabh and asks her what did he do with her. Saurabh acts innocent. Saachi says if you don’t tell anything, I will send you to jail. Saurabh sends her the video MMS and asks her to shut her mouth else he will make the MMs go viral. Saachi looks at the video and is unable to see it. She is shocked and devastated. She cries miserably.

The doctor asks everyone to be normal with Saachi so that she can forget all this soon. Saachi is brought home. Shiv calls the inspector and says I will file a case against the rapist. Anandi comes to Saachi and feels Saachi is hiding something from her. Saachi thinks of Anandi’s warnings about Saurabh. She cries that now her life is spoiled and she can’t be happy ever. She is afraid of Saurabh’s threat. Saachi asks Anandi to sleep with her in her room. Anandi agrees. At night, Saachi thinks of the MMS and screams. Anandi asks what happened. Saachi hugs her and cries. Saachi tells her that Saurabh made her video and threatened her if she tells anyone it was him, he will make the video go viral. Anandi is shocked.

Anandi says we will tell this to everyone, but Saachi stops her. Anandi comes to meet Saurabh and he says Saachi was desperate to sleep with me. Anandi slaps him. She asks him about the video. Saurabh lies to her that he deleted the video. Saachi tells her family that Saurabh made a MMS. Everyone are shocked and angry on Saachi. Anandi talks to everyone and make them agree to support Saachi in this fight of justice. What will Anandi do now? Will Saurabh get punished? Keep reading.