Abhay cheats Madhu and makes her marry RajKumar in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

This week started with a shock for Abhay Kapoor. He was in deep and true love with Madhu. He did not know that she is Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. He really fell in love with her and few songs playing in the background glorifying his love such as iss dil ka ab mai kya karun……… Junior Madhu is also lost in his thoughts and both of them are going to get united soon. Abhay proposes to Madhu for marriage and she accepts his proposal. Madhu is on cloud nine thinking her dream is coming true. Abhay is also happy that she has accepted his proposal and soon they will be married and their relation will become lifelong and unbreakable. Abhay sees the bangles in his car and thinks he forgot to give it to her. Abhay comes to Madhu’s home to give her the bangles.

Madhu is with Radha telling him how good id Abhay and that the medical treatment expenses will be bear by him. Radha says he is really a good guy. Abhay sees Madhu with Radha and identifies Radha as Rishabh’s mother and Madhu as Rishabh’s daughter. He gets angry and his love turns into revenge. He recollects the time when his dad was killed by the mob when Bittu told them that he is responsible for RK’s death. He thinks Madhu has to pay every moment now for his dad’s death and he will not spare her at any cost. Madhu is very happy and sends Radha to the hospital for her treatment. Abhay throws the bangles and crushes the flowers thinking Madhu has cheated him.

Madhu goes with Radha for her operation and prays for her. The operation is successful and Radha asks Madhu to call Abhay saying she wants to meet him. Madhu calls Abhay and tells him that Radha is fine and wants to meet you. Abhay talks to his conscience about his love and revenge to Madhu. His alter ego asks him not to punish Madhu as it is not her mistake. Abhay says it is 20 years now and he has been waiting for this day all his life and his revenge and hatred is more than his love for her. He says he hates her more than he loves her. He becomes firm in his decision that he will take revenge from Madhu and her dida Radha. Abhay tells Madhu that he will meet Radha and thank her for keeping her alive.

Abhay comes to meet Radha and she says you are more than a son to me. Abhay fumes in anger. He thinks he did a mistake by giving her life but now she has to pay the price. Madhu comes to Abhay’s house and is stopped by Pam at the door. Pam insults her and Abhay scolds Pam saying you are no one to stop her as Madhu is soon going to be my wife and the bahu of this house. Everyone are shocked. Bebe gets happy knowing this that Abhay is marrying Madhu. She tells Abhay that Madhu is the best girl for him. Madhu smiles seeing Abhay. Abhay thinks now on he will be giving surprises to Madhu every day that will shock her and it will make her cry, not smile anymore.

Abhay thinks of taking revenge and arranges a mentally challenged guy to marry Madhu. He still does not know that RajKumar, again the initials RK is Rk’s look alike, the man he hates the most. The marriage day comes. Madhu is happy with the haldi rituals and her dreams coming true of marrying Abhay. Madhu arrives at the mandap and meets the groom behind the sehra. She can’t see his face and Bebe is very happy seeing Abhay marry the girl of her choice. She knows how good is Madhu but does not know that she is RK’s daughter. Madhu and her groom take the rounds and does all the rituals. The marriage gets completed.

The couple is brought home and stand at the door for the Grah Pravesh. Bebe asks them to wait for the aarti. Just then, Abhay welcomes then inside and Madhu is shocked to see him thinking then whom did she got married to. Bebe and everyone are also shocked. Abhay asks her to see who is the groom. Rajkumar lifts the sehra and even Abhay is shocked seeing he is RK’s look alike. Madhu is very much hurt that Abhay cheated her. What storm will this new RK bring in Madhu’s life? Will he prove to be a good husband or is Abhay’s ploy? Keep reading to know more next week.