Vivek and Saachi to get married in Balika Vadhu

Shiv comes to know of the posters in the city about Saachi. The posters speak ill about Saachi’s character and ruins her good image. Saachi is shocked too along with her family about the posters thing. Shiv talks to the commissioner and asks him to find out who did this and why. The commissioner asks him not to worry as he will let him know soon. They do the enquiry and come to know that Saurabh’s mum has done all this. Vivek comes to know the same by the inspector and goes to confront his mum. He asks her did she really do this and why. His mum says yes, she did it and she does not regret doing it.

She says she has done it to take revenge from Saachi as she has taken away her two sons from her, Saurabh and now Vivek. She says Saurabh is in jail only because of Saachi and she can never forgive him. She says whatever Saurabh did was may be by Saachi’s consent. She might have prompted him to get sexual with her. She doubts on Saachi’s character. Vivek’s dad also supports his wife and asks Vivek to get out of his house. Vivek is shocked and tells them that he is going away from them. His sister talks to his mum that she did not do right with Saachi being a woman herself.

Her mum says she will not repent for this and this was her revenge for Saachi sending Saurabh to jail. Vivek very well knows that it was Saurabh’s mistake. Vivek comes to meet Saachi and sees the media at her house. The media speaks against Saachi and asks her about Saurabh. They ask her breaking down questions such as were you involved with Saurabh by your wish and as your family may find out, you have put all the blame on Saurabh. Shiv and everyone gets angry and asks the media to leave. The media asks Saachi did she sleep with saurabh by her wish and later names it as rape. They believe the posters which are in the city.

Shiv removes the posters which he comes across and answers the media. But the media wants an answer from Saachi. Saachi is not affected by their dirty taunts and answers them boldly. She tells them that she was not wrong, Saurabh made her drink something and raped her when she was not in her senses. She asks the media to believe what is right and tells how Vivek Kabra went against his brother Saurabh and family to support truth. She says Vivek would have not fought her case if she was wrong. The media gets their answers and leaves. Vivek is impressed by the way Saachi answered them politely and well.

Everyone goes inside the house. Saachi tells Ira that after all this happened, Anuj breaking the marriage with her, she will not marry anyone now. Vivek hears this and comes to talk to Saachi’s family. He tells them that he has a decent proposal for Saachi of a good guy and its him. He gives marriage proposal for Saachi and everyone are shocked. Everyone accept his proposal knowing he is an honest man. Saachi comes to know this and meets Vivek at a hotel. He tells her that he is not showing any pity on her but would like to spend his lifetime with her as he loves her as a human being. Saachi gets happy and comes home.

She tells everyone that she is ready to marry Vivek. Everyone think whether Saachi will be able to share the same roof as Saurabh. Anandi says Vivek will take care of her and asks Ira not to worry. At Dadisa’s home, Kanchan;s marriage takes place under the surpervision of Dadisa. Dadis takes care of the expenses. Gehna’s parents thank Dadisa for her gesture. Dadisa tells that Kanchan is like Gehna for them. They leave happily after Kanchan’s bidaai. Ganga is worried as Mannu gets unwell. Jagya rushes him to the hospital.

Ratan Singh gets the documents signed by Jagya that he will not claim Mannu after Mannu gets well. Jagya takes Mannu for the operation where everyone are praying for him. Ratan Singh’s parents come to take Mannu waiting for the operation to end. Will Ganga let Mannu go to Ratan Singh? Let’s watch out for Saachi and Vivek’s marriage. Keep watching Balika Vadhu.