Mahakumbh Watch online Mahakumbh, the show on Life OK (Arvind Babbal Productions), is keeping the audience glued with its interesting story plots.One major revelation of Rudra (Gautam Rode) and Charles (Azad Ansari) being the two Garudas or the saviors of Mahakumbh is already out. Now the other mysteries related to Mahakumbh will also get revealed.

Udiya cries seeing his wife whom Rudra has brought along, and apologizes for not saving their son. His wife forgives him. Rudra makes him have Gangajal and Udiya’s soul leaves his body. Rudra recalls Udiya’s Dohas and sees a big sitting on wood and then flying away. Maai asks Rudra to do the Antim Sanskaar. She asks him to come and forwards her hand. Rudra recalls even Udiya gave his hand like her. Rudra held Udiya’s hand that time. Rudra does Udiya’s last rites by saying all mantras. Rudra thinks he was adamant to go to Kumbh and lost his Baba, and if he did not become Ram, Udiya would have been alive, I m cursed, whoever stays with us is always in danger, I can’t risk Maai Mui, I have to go far from her.

Punnu says don’t leave us, I m incomplete without you. He hugs Rudra. Rudra says if you regard me brother, swear on me, don’t tell Maai that I m leaving Ghat. Another guy Charles runs on the road and catches the truck. He sees Rudra sitting, and asks who has sent you. Rudra sits silent. Charles takes out the knife and Rudra holds his hand. Maai asks Punnu about Rudra, and he recalls Rudra’s words, and says he does not know anything. Rudra saves the Charle’s life and they become good friends. They talk about Shivanand, who is Rao’s student, but he is not protector and there was not any sign on his body. They ask Grierson to find the seven protectors, before they find each other. Shivanand is tortured by Grierson again.

He says you have bear the torture for 12 years and you think its less, you don’t know what I can do, I can take revenge for every moment when you run away. Rudra sees Mahabali and people ask is there anyone who can win over Mahabali. Bhai ji tells Charles that he will get 10 times his amount, and asks him to send Rudra in wresting ground. Rudra beats Mahabali and Charles smiles. Charles sees the sign on Rudra’s back and is stunned. Rudra wears the vest. Charles says we both maybe me brothers separated in Kumbh. She shouts Rudra. Rudra says Maai Mui and wakes up from his sleep. He runs leaving Charles. He meets Maai and apologizes to her, and tells her the reason why he has run away from her to save her life.

She asks him to promise he won’t leave her and forgives him. Charles wakes up and is shocked seeing Rudra gone. He looks around for him and turns to see some men dressed in formals. He surrenders to them. They see the Kumbh sign and take him. Charles is brought to some old man. The man says Charles you don’t know me, but I know you, I m your grandfather, Dr. A P G Rao. He hugs Charles and says your parents died in your childhood, and I was searching for you since then. The leap of 12 years takes place and the scene shifts to Poland. Shivanand is still captive in the jail and in bad state. He recalls Rudra and writes his name on the wall with coal piece.

Rudra is grown up with Maai and senses Punnu calling him for help. Maai sees the people running away and police catching some people and scolding them. Maai argues with the inspector. She sees the police taking advantage of the innocent people. The inspector Chobey scolds Maai and beats the man. Rudra’s eyes fill with rage and he takes down Chobey and his staff. They all beat him with Lathis. Rudra is unaffected and beats them. Maya comes there and sees Rudra beating Chobey violently. She stops him. Rudra gets arrested.

Maya uses her contacts and frees Rudra from jail. Maya says I managed today, but be careful form next time, ask him to control his anger, else he will be in jail. Rudra sees Maya talking to Maai and comes to her. He holds her by her neck and Maai and Punnu ask Rudra to leave her. He says first you got me caught and now scolding my Maai. Maai says this girl has freed you, leave her. Maai says Rudra is grown up around dead people, he does not know how to behave with live people, I m sorry.

Maya talks to Maai well and makes a bond. Swami ji welcomes the public and says today will be the beginning of Mahakumbh, which is happening after 144 years which will take us to the life’s Amrit. Maai tells Rudra that it was not Maya’s mistake and asks him to apologize to her. Rudra says he can do anything for her and always protect her. What will Rudra do to safeguard the Amrit? Keep reading.