Anu determines to marry Rajat in Shastri Sisters

Rohan tells Alka that he does not believe pandit ji’s words and clears her myth against live risk by their marriage. Alka gets glad and they both get together again. Karishma asks Anu to meet her and plans with Astha to kidnap Anu. Minty cries and tells Sareen that she had many dreams for Rajat’s wedding, and she is doing any arrangements, as if its not marriage, but like stealing anything. She says Lord is playing game with me, as I was playing with Rajat’s life, Lord might be laughing on me, he is punishing Rajat for my mistake. Anushka comes to meet Karishma and asks what she wants to say. Anu starts recording Karishma’s confession.

Anu asks why did she do this with Rajat. Karishma says you will know new thing tomorrow. Anu says Rajat will know it, you are not so clever. I have all proof, you put the CD in my cupboard as utensil seller. Karishma says not bad and tells her that she kept the CD and went to Rajat’s room in her getup, one day before to take the CD. They kidnap her by making her unconscious. Karishma says you will wake up in few hours, but something will happen that you can’t wake up. She asks the guards to see no one uses the car. Rohan takes the car and is shocked. He calls out Karishma. He does not see Anu and she signs the guards to hide Anu. Rohan meets Shastri ji and asks Devyaani about Anu.

Devyaani lies to Rohan that Anu is in her room being upset. Devyaani holds the car and says please Anushka, come back soon. Anu gets conscious as the car leaves. Rajat thinks about Anu and her deceive. He hurts his hand. Neil comes there and cares for his hand. He does first aid. Rajat cries. Neil says the things we don’t want to do, is right for us, I don’t think Anu did this. Rajat says its way ahead now, I still love Anu, but I don’t believe Anu did this, but that Rajat died when he was blamed and his uniform was taken away. Karishma sees the car. Astha stops Rohan from seeing the car. Karishma panics as Bua ji opens the door.

The guards shift Anu to other car, and Rohan and Alka take that car. No one sees Anu in it, and they reach Rajat’s home. Devyaani tells Shastri ji that Karishma is trapping Rajat. He says but where is Anu. Devyaani and Peeya hug him, and say Anu is very smart and she may got any proof, so she came late, I m sure she will come before mahurat. He says I wish, but time is less now, maybe she is stuck in any problem. Minty see Shastri ji, Devyaani and Peeya coming and get angry. Astha talks to Karishma and says Devyaani has some plan. Karishma says I would have got all sisters kidnapped.

Astha asks everyone to come for pics and insults Peeya asking her to move out, as she is not family. Neil feels bad.Devyaani hears Astha telling the guard to take away the car. She doubts on the cars and take Neil’s help. They are shocked to see Anu tied and locked in the car. Peeya tells Shastri ji that Anu came, she will come here too, everything is fine now. She messages Alka that Anu has come, please don’t tell anyone. Rajat is upset. Anu comes to him. Rajat sees her in mirror and thinks why is she not going from my thoughts.

She says Rajat and he is shocked. Neil, Devyaani and Peeya come there and lock the door. She tells him everything how Karishma confessed her crime. She says she had recorded everything and her guards have caught me. Neil says Anu was in the car, locked and tied. Rajat says what nonsense and says he loved her and she broke his heart for Devyaani and his family, and when she saw Karishma with him, she has done all this. He says you got jealous and took away my respect and pride. She requests him not to do this marriage.

Devyaani says we don’t have proof, and we have witness, Neil is saying all this and you are not agreeing, now there is one way to torture Karishma, till she accepts the truth, and I will tell the solution. I don’t know why she did this, but the marriage date was preponed. She tells her plan to everyone.Devyaani says Karishma blamed my sister and police came in our house, and Sareen uncle lost respect, and Rajat got blamed. She says I will not let her win so easily. Rajat comes in the mandap.Anu also comes dressed as bride and everyone is shocked seeing her. Karishma gets much angry. Will Anu bring out Karishma’s truth? Keep reading.