Minty decides to expose Alka’s love affair; Neil caught for troubling Devyaani in Shastri Sisters

Neil got slapped twice by Devyaani and thinks to take revenge by ruining her image and bringing shame to Shastri ji. Minty gets to know about Devyaani’s slap to Neil and she plans to expose Alka and make her get slapped by Shastri ji. Devyaani trains Peeya to make her bold. Anushka says Neil’s parents are good. lka says I will just come, having spices from the shop. She leaves to meet Rajeev in the park, where Minty and Pammi are having a walk. Alka says I will just come, having spices from the shop. She leaves to meet Rajeev in the park, where Minty and Pammi are having a walk. Pammi shows Minty to see Alka and Rajeev. Anushka invites Sareen to come for dinner. Alka serves the food. Sareen praises the food.

Minty starts her taunts on Alka, and asks Shastri ji what did he think about their marriage. He says he did not think yet. Minty taunts Alka and tells that she will fix a good match for her. Alka is upset. Neil is with his friends who tease him about the slap. Neil gets angry. They see Devyaani and Anushka. Anushka says Neil, when we came to Delhi, we did not think we will make enemies here, but there happened so many misunderstandings and confusion, we both made mistakes, we want to forget everything and I request you to forget it. She says sorry. Neil smiles and says cool. Anushka says for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Devyaani says I m more beautiful, but you are equal to me in brains. Sareen stops Shastri ji and asks him to have breakfast.

Minty serves them food and acts sweet. She asks what did he think about proposal. Shastri ji says I don’t know any good guy. Minty shows him a good looking guy, and says he is from a good family. She shows the pic to Alka and says she is shy and will agree for this. Sareen says Rohan is a good guy, we have seen him since childhood, his parents are good people. Shastri ji says he will be good if you are saying. Devyaani gets a call from a guy who teases her. Alka gets Rajeev’s call and says she did not get chance to talk to her dad. He scolds her. Devyaani is scared and calls Anushka. class, is she fine, sshall I come to you. Devyaani says you go to class and study, we will meet later. Anushka comes to Devyaani and finds her very worried. They get a letter for Devyaani there.

Anushka reads it that he can’t be away from her for one sec too, I m always near you. Minty says we have fool proof plan, we kept Mata ki Chowki at home, Rohan and Alka will see each other. Shastri ji likes this idea. Minty thinks now what will Alka do, she has to say when she meets Rohan. Anushka checks Neil’s handwriting and its different from the chit one. Minty gives Devyaani the bouquet and she thanks her. Minty taunts them. She asks who is this guy. Minty asks with whom do you have the affair. Anushka defends Devyaani. lka thinks about Rajeev’s words. Neil and his friends do the Mata Ki Chowki arrangements. The phone rings and they get worried thinking it maybe that guy’s call. Shastri ji takes the call and they panic. Devyaani takes the phone and scolds them.

The guys asks her to get ready as he is coming. Neil smiles knowing Devyaani was scared a lot. They plan to take revenge for that slap on Neil and smile. The Mata Ki Chowki starts and Minty sees Alka looking stunning. Rohan comes with his parents. Roli from Sasural Simar Ka comes with Mata ji and Mausa ji. Alka tells Anushka about her love and feelings, but Anushka does not hear her. Neil gives a phone to Devyaani and says it’s a call for you. He signs his friend. He keeps the mic on her and the guy’s sound is heard to everyoneShastri ji brings down Devyaani from the stage. Anushka comes and says Papa, wont you like to know who was it. Anushka defends Devyaani.

She tells everyone how Neil and Manoj have planned everything to destroy Devyaani’s name and image. She gives Manoj’s phone to Sareen and asks him to see the call history of last dialed number. Anushka shows a video of Manoj talking to Devyaani and how Anushka saw them. Sareen and everyone are shocked. Pammi beats Manoj and asks why did he do this. Manoj says Neil forced me to do this, as he wanted to take revenge from them. Minty and Sareen are shocked. Sareen says I will kill him. Minty stops him. The people insults Neil and Manoj and taunt their parents. Anushka goes to the mic and tells it’s the society’s mistake who is biased for women and always blames them for wrong things. The sisters unite and says they challenge all the men who thinks girls are weak, but this time we will deal them together. Simar’s cast also joins them.

Everyone pray to the Lord. Sareen apologizes to Shastri ji and says my upbringing got bad, I gave bad values. Anushka gives the Prasad to Minty and Sareen. Alka makes Sareen smile as he is upset. Minty smiles seeing the girls hug Sareen. Neil comes saying sorry to Devyaani. He says everyone feels I did wrong, so I m sorry. She asks why does he think then, he should realize his mistake else no need to say sorry. Shastri ji says sorry to Devyaani for not trusting her. Will Alka’s love affair come out? Keep reading.