Nikumbh and Yamini get ready for another play and leave for Mumbai in Baawre

Nikumbh is very upset and thinks about Yamini and how she changed the play end, by cheating him and going against his creative decision. He gets principal’s call asking him to come for the press conference. Yamini calls Nikumbh and he throws the phone. He says I hate you star Yamini Singh. The film director Tandon have a good talk with Yamini and Raghavendra. The principal brings Nikumbh there. Tandon praises Nikumbh’s play and says I liked the ending, Yamini’s monologue was amazing. Nikumbh says no, we wanted to show something else, now I have realized my mistake and this won’t happen again. Yamini is hurt by Nikumbh’s taunts.

Nikumbh says Azam to see her, how she is sitting there normal, no guilt and no shame at all. She has used me, she is like her dad, selfish, see how I take both of them down in the media.Yamini says sorry to Nikumbh, but he does not forgive her. Tandon offers Nikumbh to assist him in his film. Nikumbh thanks him and says I can’t leave Lucknow, I m focusing on theatre. Raghavendra tries to show him Yamini’s achievements. Tandon tells Raghavendra that he can make Nikumbh to Bollywod, he is an emotional fool but a true artist, his mentality and thoughts are true and he will teach everyone truly, so I advice you to let your daughter work with Nikumbh a lot. The press conference starts.

Nikumbh and Yamini give the credit to each other. Raghavendra tells the media that the play belonged to Yamini, as she drew the crowd. The media asks Nikumbh to say if he is jealous of Yamini. Nikumbh feels humiliated by Raghavendra’s insulting words. Nikumbh leaves in anger. Nikumbh says he will never work with Yamini. She hears this and says I will never come in your way. Yamini meets some people she knew during her singing career and recommends Nikumbh for the radio voiceover ads, as she knows he needs money and is struggling now. She thinks of Nikumbh’s harsh words and his anger. Azam comes to know about Shaheen getting married from her cousin, and is shocked.

He thinks why did Shaheen hide this from him and thinks Nikumbh was true about girls and love. Raghavendra praises Yamini in the play and insults Nikumbh, saying we don’t need him. Sharma says the sponsors like Nikumbh. Nikumbh says no to Rastogi as the play also has Yamini. Rastogi tries to convince him. Shaheen comes to meet Azam at his shop but he ignores her. Sharma calls Nikumbh and asks him to work in play opposite Yamini. He refused. He gets a call for voicework work and goes there. He does it well and gets some money.

He is glad but he then gets to know that Yamini recommended him. Nikumbh says I will never do any show with Yamini. He thinks but he can’t sit without earning, and refuse every work if Yamini is involved in it. Nikumbh tells Yamini that his dad came to meet him and does not tell any details. He says don’t overact, please keep it here and go from here. She leaves and he looks at her. Yamini comes home and talks to Raghavendra. He says he met Nikumbh and opened the Mumbai doors. Raghavendra says Nikumbh has insulted him. Yamini says you always wanted me to be away from Nikumbh then how did you change your mind. He says its work and business, where I have to see loss and profit. He asks her to see and explain Nikumbh to get ready for the play.

Nikumbh calls Yamini. Nikumbh scolds her for recommending him and he is angry on her, as he has seen her real horrible face. Azam talks to Nikumbh and shares about Shaheen and she has hurt him, as her marriage is fixed, he was roaming around her for five years and I got this news. Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh at the haveli. He sees him having cold and high fever. She cares for him. He says I m ready to do the play. They tell each other their conditions. They start arguing again. Nikumbh comes to Azam and sees him upset. Nikumbh says sorry and hugs him. Azam says I feel happy seeing you here, as you are best friend, and I m habituated to talk to you. Nikumbh says I m doing a play again with Yamini. Azam says what.

Nikumbh says poor people don’t have option, but gets chance. I can’t reject every project because of her. Azam asks him to think about going to Mumbai. Nikumbh says yes, I had to face this one day. Raghavendra asks Yamini to hurry up and leave for Mumbai, and he will join her in few days as he has some work with MLA Tripathi. Nikumbh and Yamini get into the play rehearsals once again and he holds her. Raghavendra comes there and sees Nikumbh and Yamini romancing. Nikumbh gets the contract papers from Rastogi and asks how did the money get less, we spoke about some higher amount. Rastogi says the show is not big.

Nikumbh says I m doing this for money, so I want money before the show. Raghavendra says don’t worry, do as he says, give him the money. Nikumbh taunts Yamini and asks her to spare him by not making him feel small by doing big favors. Yamini gets angry and says she is not the old Yamini to listen to his taunts. They have to leave for Mumbai next day. Raghavendra has done all the arrangements in Mumbai for their stay and asks Yamini to be strong and not give any importance to Nikumbh. Will Nikumbh and Yamini’s differences end? Keep reading.

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