Nandu accepts Niranjan as his father in Balika Vadhu

Amol is nervous and after cycling a bit makes excuse enough for today they will learn rest tomorrow, if they will do more cycling in one day then he fears the pain will increase in his knees Shiv encourages him that he needs to put aside his fears. Daddu says he is waiting for Anoop. Meenu comes and tells Daddu that Anoop has gone for his work early morning. She gives some money to Daddu that Anoop has given for his tests. Daddu feels bad and asks Meenu to give it back to Anoop. Anoop argues with receptionist about the time they are taking. The receptionist tries to explain it is because of an emergency case they have to wait for sometime.

Alok tries to support Daddu giving his hand but Anoop grabs Daddu’s hand before Alok. Anoop gets an important call and leaves Daddu. The teachers complain Dadisaa about Nandu. Jagya says now we know what is bothering him so we should make him understand but we have to be careful not to be strict or scold him otherwise it can have wrong effect. Nandu says he wants to grow up soon and handle the business. Jagya talks to Nandu after exercising. Nandu says he will go to godown only after exercising. Jagya says he spoke to his the principal. He says he will be explaining about physical intimacy after marriage.

Nandu says he knows everything and don’t want to know anymore. Jagya asks what do you know. Nandu tells him that Gopal told him everything. He explains to him about understanding, trusting and loving the spouse. He tells him that Niranjan is your new bapusaa. Nandu gets teary eyes and leaves. Shiv teaches cycling to Amol again in the park. He slips and says he don’t want to learn. Shiv says ok. He motivates him to cycling and says everyone fall while learning. Amol says we will try again. Amol rides cycle perfectly. Shiv smiles. Anandi prays for her family’s happiness in the temple and faints..

Shiv comes and urges her to open her eyes. The lady informs her that she is pregnant. Shiv and Anandi look happily. The doctor says it is a talk of happiness and says she is pregnant. Sparks come again and the grass catches fire immediately. Gehna shouts. Nandu comes and hears his mum’s screams. Gehna asks Nandu not to come inside. Nandu shouts for help and says he will bring water. He throws the water bucket on the fire. Just then Niranjan comes there with Munim Ji and workers in jeep. Nandu asks them to save Gehna.

Niranjan walks in the fire to save Gehna and take Gehna from floor and tries to walk out. They rush her to hospital. Jagya comes and informs Dadisaa that Gehna is out of danger, but Niranjan is in bad condition and hopes he gets well. Nandu hears him. Nandu cries and asks Gehna are you fine. She says she is fine and asks who saved me. Nandu says I didn’t save you. Jagya says Niranjan ji and he is in the ICU. Gehna gets shocked. Nandu thinks his mum will cry again if something happens to Niranjan and prays for his mother’s happiness.

Anandi and Shiv come to Khazan ji and tell him that he is going to be grand father. Khazan ji gets emotional and misses his wife. Niranjan is still in the ICU and Gehna is seen sitting at her side. She recalls her the happy moments with him and cries. She recalls having gol gappa with her. She recalls their marriage. Suddenly Niranjan gets short of breathe. He recalls Jagya explaining to him that Niranjan is your Bapusaa. Nandu comes and holds his hand calling him Bapusaa. Niranjan opens his eyes then and sees Nandu. Nandu apologizes to him. Anandi coughs in the night. Shiv wakes up and gives her water.

Shiv tells her that he is doing this for his little daughter. Anandi does yoga in the park. She gets a call from Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells her that Niranjan saved Gehna infront of Nandu’s eyes and that’s how he accepted him. Anandi says she is pregnant. Dadisaa gets emotional with tears in her eyes. Dadisaa comes to her class and gives chocolates to her classmates. Her friends ask if it is her birthday today. Dadisaa says no and is about to tell about Anandi’s pregnancy, but then thinks it keep it secret until 3 months passes successfully. Will Subhadra get glad by Anandi’s pregnancy? Keep reading.