Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali Watch online Rajshri Productions has been producing Pyaar Ka Dard Hai… on Star Plus for two years and is all set to launch another of their new ventures on Life OK soon. The show that was tentatively titled Khel Khel Mein has got its final title in Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali. The serial that will present a joint family with three generations staying together has ‘Babuji’ Alok Nath playing the patriarch head of the boys’ family. The male lead will be played by The Buddy Project fame Samridh Bawa and the female lead by a newbie Pranali Ghoghare.

Kushan acts like getting mad to skip the punishment for attempt to murder in Trisha’s case. The board of directors elect Lavanya asks company’s CEO. Amrita says as company’s major stake holder, Pratik had right to take decision. One of them says as a company’s major stake holder, Amrita can become CEO and he is with her. Lavanya angrily walks out. Amrita enters Pratik’s cabin and misses him. Trisha plays truth and dare game with Aditya and Meghan. Bottle stops in front of Aditya. Trisha asks truth or dare. He says dare. Meghan asks him to bend on his knees and propose to any one of them.

Aditya proposes Trisha and says he loves her. She blushes and says she hates him and runs laughing. Aditya says she does not know how much he loves her. Lavanya comes home and sees Kushan and nurse unconscious on bed with things scattered all around floor. She asks Meghan to call doc, sees locker open and runs to check. She finds Trisha’s kidnapping proof file intact and relaxes. The doctor checks Kushan and nurse and says they both fell unconscious due to chloroform and says they will be back to normal soon. Kabeer reads Pratik’s letter and says someone who hates Lavanya has sent it and asks how could these papers get stolen from Lavanya’s locker and send it to her.

He informs Amrita about robbery in Lavanya’s house. Amrita comes home and sees Trisha and Aditya laughing. Trisha tries to cheer her up by asking her to give her autograph as she is first CEO of Swaika industries. Amrita gets sad and says she will find Pratik’s murderer. Trisha calls Aditya repeatedly and they both share a romantic talk. Kushan prints letter which states Sonali should be made joint MD and thinks he wants to see Lavanya’s reaction. Amrita gets letter and asks Sonali to become joint MD. Lavanya alleges Sonali that she is playing game. Sonali asks her not to vent out her frustration on her.

Aditya checks Trisha’s reports and says everything is normal and she is perfectly normal. She asks if she is normal, then why she cannot remember who shot her. He asks her to calm down and hope for the best. Aditya takes Trisha to a restaurant, serves her milkshake. Amrita gets Pratik’s clothes and finds a diary in his cupboard. She finds his dream of making Swaika Eduaction mall. Lavanya thinks it must be not Amrita’s idea to revive Swaika education project, then only Gaurav and Kushan were in favor of it. It means Kushan is behind all this and he is not mad, she reminisces Kushan drawing the design and says with it his name will be in world’s best architects.

Varsha jokingly proposes Kabeer, which surprises him. He says she would be a good wife as she s very loving and caring. She gets glad. Kushan sends designs to Amrita, while Lavanya could not get any good designs to present. Amrita shows board of director architect designs of Pratik’s dream project and asks if they will approve it. The directors check them and show it to Lavanya. Lavanya says designs are not good. The directors like the designs. Lavanya says she knows her helper and soon she will expose them both. Kabeer asks officer where were Swaika family members when fax was sent to Amrita. He says what everyone were doing and says Kushan was out with nurse.

Kabeer says that means Kushan has sent. Officer asks how can a mad person send designs. Kabeer says he is sure, Kushan is the one and asks him to get search warrant. Lavanya thinks Kushan is Amrita’s well wisher, so she wil have to find out designs blue prints. Amrita meets Kabeer in his office. He asks if everything is alright. She says she does not know and says Lavanya has called an urgent meeting and wants details of the project, she warned her that she will not let her win. He says Kushan is being your well wisher. Trisha says she is going for jogging as Aditya will also be there. Amrita asks what is happening. Trisha says Aditya is just her friend.

Amrita says it is good that she is getting good habits due to Aditya, says he is a good guy. Kushan wakes up at night and take s out his designs from photoframe. Lavanya switches on light, shows him blue prints and asks if he was searching them. She claps and congratulates him, asks who is he, says she regrets the day she met and married him. Lavanya reminisces shooting Trisha. He says she sent him to kill Trisha and wanted him to get trapped. He says Bobby would have become better architect than him and she forced him to shoot his son, she killed Bobby, so he acted as mad to take revenge from her and made Amrita CEO instead.