Nikhil to give divorce to Lajjo in Gustakh Dil

Last week, it was shown in Gustakh Dil that Lajjo has left Nikhil forever. Nikhil was feeling awful when he came to know that all of a sudden Lajjo has left him without telling him. He was taken aback by her decision and could not understand why she left and what made her take such a big decision. He thought that a little argument that happened between them the previous night has led Lajjo to make this happen. Nikhil informs this to Ishaana. Whereas Ishaana knows it beforehand as Lajjo met her before leaving for her village.

Ishaana, Nani and Barkha are on cloud nine knowing that Lajjo will not come back. Barkha wants to make sure that she closes every possible door for Lajjo so that even if she wants to come back in Nikhil’s life, she can’t. Lajjo is in her village spending time with her parents, sisters and helping Doctor Kaka in his clinic. There is an infection that is spreading in the village. Lajjo is treating people and helping them fight with the infection. She is type of giver person who believes in only giving rather than expecting in return. Nikhil does not understand the goodness and genuineness of Lajjo.

Nikhil has only Ishaana on his mind and heart. Nikhil and Ishaana start meeting again. One day, Nikhil wants to surprise Ishaana by going to her home. He gets surprised when he sees Ishaana wearing Kunal’s ring. He gets annoyed and angry on her and leaves. Ishaana tries hard to make him understand that what he is thinking is actually not. Ishaana and Kunal had broken up and Ishaana is all Nikhil’s now. They spend the time together. Nikhil talks to Ishaana but the centre of the discussion always remain Lajjo.

Nikhil starts missing Lajjo but he still does not realize how important is Lajjo in his life. Lajjo loves Nikhil and can sacrifice anything for him. Gunjan calls to talk to Samrat but till then Samrat leaves for the city. Gunjan and Nikhil talk to Lajjo. Nikhil thinks Lajjo is ignoring him but what is the need to do so. He gets offended by Lajjo’s silence on the phone. Samrat comes back home and tries to talk to Nikhil about Lajjo. Nikhil tells Samrat that Lajjo has left him forever and no one forced her to take this decision. This decision is solely hers and he is not responsible for all this.

Samrat wants to explain Nikhil the importance of marriage, how to keep up a relation by giving it time to grow and develop for the good. Nikhil does not listen to any of his words and taunts him about his failed love marriage. Samrat is much hurt by Nikhil’s words. Barkha calls a lawyer at home asking him to make the divorce papers of Lajjo and Nikhil. Inder hears this and thinks this is not right with Lajjo. Inder and Samrat try to explain Barkha not to do this but she is adamant in her decision. Inder is worried about Nikhil and how his life is shaping up. Barkha wants Nikhil to marry Ishaana and kick out Lajjo from his life permanently. Lajjo is unaware of the divorce. She stays upset in her house and always thinks about Nikhil. Nikhil’s memories are everything for her. Lajjo’s mum is tensed seeing Lajjo upset. She asks her husband to go to Delhi and find out what’s going on in Nikhil’s house.

He at first does not agree with her, but as she gradually starts insisting, he agrees to meet Barkha and Nikhil. Lajjo does not know about her parent’s plan. Lajjo’s dad goes to meet Nikhil. Barkha meets him and tells him that Lajjo has decided herself to leave this house and exit from Nikhil’s life. He is shocked to know about the pain Lajjo is hiding in herself. Barkha tells him about Nikhil’s and Lajjo’s divorce. Nikhil and Ishaana witness the scene. Lajjo’s dad is stunned knowing about the divorce. How will Lajjo react when she comes to know about the divorce? Will Nikhil give divorce to Lajjo? Will Nikhil marry Ishaana? Does Lajjo’s love has no place in Nikhil’s heart? Keep reading this space next week to get the answers.