Nikumbh does Dushyant’s role happily; Yamini changes the play end annoying him in Bawwre

Nikumbh is in two minds thinking to do the hero’s role as Samrat landed in jail, but he steps back by his father’s words that he can never do justice to acting and should never go on stage. Nikumbh is in dilemma and everyone tries to convince him to do Dushyant’s role, else the principal will cancel the play, which has everyone’s hard work associated with it. Yamini comes to him after knowing about his dad influencing him against the theatre plays, by seeing the video shown by Azam. She asks him to share what are his feelings. He says his dad brought him in the world and he is the one who broke his dream to be a theatre actor.

He says I can’t forget his decision and can’t go against him. She says if he was here, would he stop you, you are important phase of your career, he would have not stopped you, you must try. She says I got flashback of my dad, who used to say same, that day dad took my colors and drawing book, and made me go ahead in music and singing, he did not make me happy. Nikumbh says I have a phobia of stage. She says you have to come out of your fear. Azam and Yamini see another video of Nikumbh’s dad saying his friend that he is keeping Nikumbh away from theatre for his good. Yamini goes and brings Nikumbh to show him this. Nikumbh sees the video which he has not seen before.

His dad says I m doing this to make his future, I don’t want him to waste his life in plays, I will not let Nikumbh become a failure like me, he is very talented, he writes well, does good acting, he is brilliant, he is made to do this, but born in wrong world. Nikumbh cries seeing this. Azam and Yamini console him. Nikumbh hugs them and says thanks for doing this for me. Nikumbh agrees to do the play. Raghavendra is angry on the prinicipal knowing Nikumbh is doing the hero role now and is all on banners with Yamini. He goes to the haveli and tells everyone that the play will be titled only Shakuntala with only Yamini on the banner. Nikumbh gets upset but understands why is Raghavendra doing this. He puzzled him by saying the show is on Yamini, so we should promote main lead, its amazing Sir, thank you so much that you did the right thing on right time.

Nikumbh blinks to Azam and Shaheen and they also join him, confusing Raghavendra for the step he took. Nikumbh is not insecure about Yamini, he has trust and rights on her. The principal says Nikumbh he has showed he does not let anything come in his work. Raghavendra is angry as Nikumbh is changing Yamini and talks to Dadi about this. She says this change is positive and why is he worrying. He says how Yamini is going against him and he will not bear this. Yamini tells Azam that she does not like the negative ending so she has changed it. Azam says are you mad, he will be angry if he knows this, he can written this play himself. Yamini talks to Nikumbh and suggests about the end.

He says so you were changing the end. She says it’s a love story, it should have happy ending. He says for me, it’s a story of Shakuntala’s struggles. They have an argument and Nikumbh asks her not to spoil anything in the play. They have a photo session. Nikumbh is annoyed and both of them taunt each other. They stand and take the pic smiling with the group. Azam asks Nikumbh to dance with them. They dance well. Everyone cheer for Yamini. The power goes and lights come on Yamini. Nikumbh walks to her and sees her upset. He gives her his hand and she looks at him. She smiles and holds his hand. He says forget all the fights now. They dance. He says I m sorry.

He says its not like I don’t trust your judgement, but I want to do this by my way. He says we understand each other very well. She smiles and says yes. He says its last day today, let everything go well. Nikumbh gets dressed as Dushyant and is happy seeing Yamini as Shakuntala. Nikumbh encourages them to fulfill their dreams through this play, this is their dream. He asks them to enjoy their act so that the people who see them also enjoys, make them smile and make them connect to us. The play starts and goes on well, but at the end, Yamini makes it a happy ending, with Shakuntala and Dushyant uniting. Nikumbh is shocked and fumes on Yamini after the play ends.

He cries as he feels she has cheated him. Nikumbh scolds Yamini for breaking his trust and his friendship she has done what she wanted, to take her career to a high. Yamini is upset and talks to Dadi how she went against Nikumbh to make the play have happy ending and she has broken his trust. The principal asks them to come on stage. The director gives the trophy to Nikumbh, but Nikumbh says Yamini deserves this, she is the star. Nikumbh says I should have understood this when she became a part of my play. Nikumbh feels Yamini did this to become the limelight of the play and get all the credit. Will Yamini be able to make Nikumbh understand her point of view? Keep reading.

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