Surayya and Zain get arrested and tortured in jail; Usman dies because of this trauma in Beintehaa

Aaliya and Zain dance in the Eid celebration party on multiple songs and looks very sweet together. They see the moon of the Ramadan Eid and greet Chand Murabak. Reporters question Surayya about the excitement this eid season. She says Usman is receprocating to his treatment, so it is special this time. Surayya is annoyed with Ghulam and Shabana. Aaliya bring Usman to the party venue smiling. Uttaran and Rangrasiya stars grace the show on Jashne Eid and Akshay Kumar and Tamanna promote their upcmimg movie Its Entertainment. Rehan and Rudra meet Zain and ask him to try to console Aaliya as anger will spoil the relationship. Aaliya and Zain both accept their advice and hug each other happily.

Aayath calls Ghulam and Shabana and greets them eid mubarak. Aaliya picks call from them and asks where is she. Aayath says if she will tell her address, she will try to separate her from Rizwan. imar from Sasural Simar Ka meets Aaliya and asks her to not feel sad about Aayath’s anger against her. Rehan comes and informs Aaliya that he found the location of Aayath. Balika Vadhu’s Ganga greets Eid to Aaliya. Zain, Rudra and Shiv dance on a song from Akshay’s upcoming movie. Akshay and Tamanna also dances with the couples. A chef adds poison by mistake in the sheerkorma which Aaliya made. Surayya makes Aaliya have it and Zain troes to stop her. Aaliya falls unconscious on ground while everyone watch her shockingly.Rehaan’s dad attends her immediately to remove poison.

Surayya scolds Shabana and Ghulam and alleges Aaliya for spoiling the party. Shabana reminisces Zain and Surayya misbehavior towards Aaliya. Ghulam says she is right. They both recall getting Aaliya’s signature on divorce papers and asks Shabana asks Ghulam to take those papers to police station. Shabana informs Ghulam about it and asks him not to file police complaint and tells how Usman held her hand to stop her. Ghulam says it is Allah’s wish and throws papers in dustbin. Nafisa takes papers out from dustbin and thinks that this complaint will surely go to police and calls police disguised as Aaliya.Shastri sisters also make an appearance. Police come and say they have come to arrest Surayya on Aaliya’s complaint of domestic violence and fear for life. Zain is shocked.

Aaliya goes to get back Aayath. Usman silently watches Surayya being handcuffed and dragged by police. Zain starts shouting for Aaliya and gets angry. Zain is extremely hurt as the media is also present. Zain is being tortured by police and All his memories of good times with Aaliya flashes by while he lies on the floor. Aaliya comes to know about this arrest and is shocked. Aaliya she did not file any case and has to go and sort out, but she falls unconscious. Zain asks about Surayya.

Fahad says he does not know why Aaliya filed a case.Rehaan ca’t get the bail either. Rehan asks Aaliya why did she file a complaint against Surayya and Zain, they are behind bars because of that. Rehan says he saw her signatures on the papers. Aaliya says she did not and understands Shabana took her sign by lying. Aaliya comes to meet Surayya in jail. Aaliya says Surayya she did not file a complaint. She goes to Zain’s cell then and is shocked to see his bruised and blood stained face. She asks him to believe that she did not file complaint. Zain says how to believe her, police tortured them for 7 hours thinking that they both kidnapped her. He says he does not believe anyone except his mother now.

Rehan reaches Barkat Villa and finds Usman on floor. Aaliya says her parents took her signatures thinking Surayya is torturing her, but Surayya is a very good lady. She requests inspector to release Surayya and Zain. Inspector agrees. urayya gets a bad dream about Usman. Usman opens his treatment and then goes back into coma after reminiscing Surayya being arrested. Dr. Habeeb gets worried and informs Rehan to call Usman’s family soon as he is nearing his death. Surayya and Zain are released and rush back home to meet Usman. Surayya goes near Usman and says her parents married her a man who did not accept defeat.

She holds his hand, kisses it and says she needs him and hugs him. Tears run down Usman’s cheeks. Aaliya reaches Barkath villa with her parents. Zain tries to stop her, but Dr. Habeeb says at this time, nothing is important than Usman. Zain touches Usman and says his hands are warm, says he is feeling cold and if he can sleep with him. He sleeps next to him and reminisces his childhood days, his fights with Fahad and Usman taking his side. Zain is shocked to see vital signs monitor going blank and realizes his dad is no more. What will Surayya do with Aaliya post Usman’s death? Will Zain hold Aaliya responsible for this? Keep reading.