Nikumbh starts his quest to transform scared Yamini into bold Shakuntala in Baawre

Nikumbh and Yamini come to their homes. Yamini tells Dadi what happened with her and how Nikumbh saved her through the riots. Yamini sounds excited and Nikumbh too tells everything to Azam. Dadi tells Raghavendra that she will give a big Prasad at the temple as Yamini came home safely. He says how can she leave from the haveli from a strange man, anything could have happened. She says he is not stranger for me. He gets angry on her. Nikumbh says it was all fine till her dad came, but afterwards, he fumed on me. Yamini was scared seeing him, I thought she will defend me, but no, she did not tell anything.

Nikumbh says she is much afraid, she can’t take stand, she can’t do this role of brave Shakuntala. He decides to make her brave, bold and fight for her right just like Shakuntala. Azam says no, she is not so weak, she sings song on the stage before many people. Nikumbh explains him his view point. Dadi asks Yamini why is she upset. Yamini says Papa should have said thanks to Nikumbh, he did not leave me alone and helped me. He even lost his scooter. Azam teases Nikumbh as he has Yamini’s earrings. Nikumbh returns it to Yamini. Nikumbh asks Yamini to think she is Shakuntala, and what would she do if this happened with her.

Yamini is scared type and says I will accept it as my date. Nikumbh thinks to do something. He gives her the lines and asks her to put emotions. He makes her do it several times. Raghavendra comes there and is shocked to see Yamini crying and apologizing to Nikumbh. He gets mistaken and asks Yamini who made her do this. She defends Nikumbh and says she was acting. He asks her to show the act again and she does it perfectly. He gets proud of Yamini and Nikumbh smiles getting the best out of her. He brings her to the Chor Bazaar and asks her to buy a ring for the play which the king will be wearing. He gives her just Rs 200. Yamini goes to a shop and finds a good ring.

The man asks for Rs. 2000 and starts taunting her to pay and leave. The union of shopkeepers comes there and everyone shout on her. She deals with them without Nikumbh and scares them of MLA Tripathi. She buys the ring at Rs 200 and leaves form the shop. A man follows her and teases her. She slaps him and says she is not famous singer Yamini. Nikumbh comes and calls her Shakuntala seeing her brave act. Nikumbh and Yamini smile seeing each other.Yamini comes home and tells everything to Dadi. Nikumbh meets Yamini and asks her why don’t you have mobile. She tells about her dad who does not allow her to keep it, as he doubts it will spoil her.

He asks her to talk to her dad. She calls him by Uttam’s phone and asks for a mobile. Raghavendra scolds her and ends the call. Nikumbh decides this will be her second task and puts a phone in her purse. She goes home and the phone rings. She is shocked to find a phone with her and Nikumbh tells her that this is her task. Raghavendra sees her and asks her who gave this phone. Dadi covers up that she gave her. He doubts and goes to the haveli looking at every guy, and keeping an eye on Yamini. He calls on Nikumbh’s number. Nikumbh is about to talk but Yamini signs him not to talk and shows her dad. Azam helps them and they get saved.

Dadi tries to help Yamini and fools Raghavendra saying Yamini is missing, though she sends Yamini to a beauty parlour. She would have informed us, or we would have known about her, if she had a phone with her. They look for Yamini everywhere. Nikumbh calls Yamini and asks her to come to haveli for just an hour as sponsors wants to meet her. Yamini goes there and finishes the work. Nikumbh asks her to go home and leaves. Raghavendra does not see him as he goes to park the car. Dadi goes in haveli and is shocked seeing Yamini. She asks her to hide fast as her dad is coming here to find her.

Before Yamini can go and hide, Raghavendra comes in and sees Yamini. He asks why did you come without telling us, and without car. He says you did this for first time that I don’t understand. Dadi says I m behind all this, I did this so that you agree to give her the phone. He gets angry. Will Yamini fulfill the second task? Keep reading.

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