Nikumbh and Yamini’s lovely journey starts in Baawre

Nikumbh is a theatre director for whom his plays are his passion. He puts all his hardwork and dreams in his plays to make them the best and want to get a name. Yamini is a famous singer, who comes to do a show in Nikumbh’s city. He attends her show and dislikes it, saying its just publicity as anyone would be able to sing so. Yamini’s show has been well publicized and becomes a hit. Nikumbh goes to her dressing room to talk to her and they both have an argument on their first meeting.

Yamini’s dad Raghavendra is the controller of her life and career, and even her happiness. He wants to earn big civil projects by Yamini’s contacts. He uses Yamini’s talent to work in his favor. Azam is Nikumbh’s friend who loves a girl Shaheen and is keen to impress her. Yamini spends some time with Dadi. She becomes emotional on reminiscing about her childhood. Yamini damages Nikumbh’s scooter, by mistake, while driving. Nikumbh fumes seeing her and argues with her on the road. Yamini apologizes to him.

Nikumbh in anger says something to the traffic police and is taken to the police station. Azam apologizes to the constable and says we are sorry, just leave him. He asks Azam to explain Nikumbh well not to make any mistake again. They leave from the police station. Nikumbh and Azam come to the same haveli to meet Rastogi. Rastogi says you got 15mins in this festival, do something that people love you. Nikumbh says only 15mins? Azam says don’t worry, we will manage.

Rajendra calls Rastogi and says Yamini’s show should be 1 hour show else it won’t happen. He asks Rastogi to cancel any other show and Rastogi cancel’s Nikumbh’s show. Nikumbh tells about Yamini and how she is responsible for all this. Azam says you will also become a star like her, and you won’t meet her again. Nikumbh comes back to the haveli to do the rehearsal of his dramaNawab Sahab and Nikumbh’s dad were best friends and Nikumbh used to stay 28/30days at the haveli. Nawab’s son Asif stays in USA to study and Nawab’s life became lonely after he left.

Yamini comes to the same haveli where Nikumbh is rehearsing with his group. She sings the song Sunn raha hai na tu………… Nikumbh comes there and is shocked to see her. They both start taunting each other. Raghavendra tells Yamini that we have to go in MLA’s daughter’s boutique inauguration. They arrive at the inauguration. Raghavendra meets the MLA and gets a warm welcome. The MLA Tripathi eyes Yamini and smiles. Tripathi praises Yamini and says we will have her on every hoarding, we will do good publicity. Raghavendra asks Tripathi to arrange funds for him.

Neha shows some dresses to Yamini and gifts one. Neha gifts a western dress to Yamini and asks her to wear it on her party. Yamini sees its very revealing and is tensed. She shows it to her Maa and Dadi. They talk to Raghavendra but he asks Yamini to wear it thinking its just a costume. Azam and Shaheen have some moments. Raghavendra books Nikumbh’s hall for Yamini’s rehearsals as its much bigger. Nikumbh lost the hall and the slot to Yamini, but she has nothing to do in this. Raghavendra wakes up Yamini with a happy birthday song and wishes her.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to close her eyes. She does. He gifts her a beautiful dress. She hugs him. She asks shall I wear this tonight. He says wear the dress which MLA gave, it’s the costume and you have to wear it. Yamini is very happy with them. Dadi says use dupatta on it or shrug. Yamini hugs her liking her cool idea. Azam says let’s take the small room, adjust for few days. Nikumbh says I have to return your money too. Azam asks him not to do the drama. He says I paid your rent and you got me Shaheen’s number, so it’s leveled now. Yamini’s friends bring her to her birthday party at the haveli.

Nikumbh comes there. They ask Nikumbh to wish her.He gives her the big room’s keys and says I will take my belongings today. Nikumbh taunts her again for taking his hall. Yamini looks at the dress and is tensed thinking how can she wear this. Nikumbh comes there and slips making the ink fall on the dress. She is shocked seeing it and looks at him angrily. Nikumbh apologizes and leaves. Yamini thinks he saved me from wearing this, thanks. Will Yamini and Nikumbh come closer? Keep reading.

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