Yamini gets the female lead role in Nikumbh’s play; Nikumbh impressed by her acting skills in Baawre

Yamini is scared thinking what will Raghavendra do if he knows my dress got ruined. She thinks about MLA Tripathi and his daughter Neha’s reaction on knowing this. Dadi asks her not to be upset and instead try her hand in fooling Raghavendra by shedding some tears. Azam and Shaheen’s love track is going on slowly but well. Raghavendra comes home and Yamini tries to tell him about the dress but Dadi stops her saying let’s see what happens in the party. They see the news where the kids tell that Yamini’s dress will be auctioned and our orphanage will get five rooms by it. Tripathi also gives an interview and praises Raghavendra. Raghavendra sounds proud of Yamini. Yamini decides to go in the party.

Nikumbh and Azam come there and sees Yamini’sposters everywhere, Nikumbh meets Rastogi and asks about his slot. Rastogi says we will talk tomorrow, what will you do in 15mins, we have removed silly programs and gave this slot to Yamini. Nikumbh gets angry and regards Yamini to be the reason of all the problems in his life. The party starts and Yamini is called on the stage. Yamini comes on the stage wearing the yellow dress which Raghavendra gifted her and this shocks everyone. Neha gets annoyed as Yamini did not wear her designed outfit.

Raghavendra comes home and is much angry on Yamini. He tells her that Tripathi has cancelled the flyover project and moreover this matter has ruined her career, people are doing negative publicity and this will affect her in long run. He brings the yellow dress which he gifted her and says you want to live on your own by your wish, you wish to be free, so its fine with me. He burns the dress asking her to enjoy her freedom from now on. Yamini cries and thinks she did not tell him about the dress getting spoiled.

Nikumbh tells his group that the show got cancelled. They get annoyed. Pandey loses trust in Nikumbh and says he is leaving the group as Nikumbh is a failure and is wasting everyone’s time. Yamini talks to Raghavendra and says I m sorry, I did a mistake, you talk to me, will you not forgive your daughter, you have to bear a 1 crore tender loss. He says you think I m annoyed with you for the tender, no, I m annoyed as I have given my 15 years to make your image, and I worried only for you, but you won’t understand this, you have ruined everything in one stroke. He forgives Yamini and hugs her.

Raghavendra is shocked to read the newspaper where Neha has spoke negative about Yamini. Yamini reads it too and goes to apologize to Neha. Raghavendra sees her and asks her not to bend infront of anyone and till he is there for her, she does not have to worry. Rastogi calls Nikumbh and asks him will he do the 1 hour play in Umang festival on Yamini’s slot. Nikumbh gets very happy and informs his group. Pandey joins Nikumbh back. The show goes well and they get a Rs 60000 cheque. Nikumbh meets Yamini and taunts her for losing her slot. She says so whats the big deal, if I lost the show and you got it. He laughs and asks why do you take your failure so easily. Yamini says it will be good if we don’t cross our ways.

Yamini comes to her college to take her memos and Nikumbh is present there. The principal asks Nikumbh to direct a play for him on the annual day. Nikumbh agrees and takes the auditions. He does not like anyone and asks Azam to call Shaheen. The principal tells Nikumbh that he knows someone who can do this role well and calls Yamini. Raghavendra asks Yamini to do the role as she needs a stage always to not fade in people’s heart. Nikumbh does not agree with the principal and says Yamini is a singer, she can’t act. Yamini asks him to take her audition first and then he can decide. Initially she does not do it well, but later on, she does well after rehearsing. Nikumbh is impressed by her and gives her the female lead role.

Azam meets Shaheen who tells him that she is not interested in doing the play. Yamini is enjoying herlsef as if acting is her passion. She comes late for the first day and Nikumbh asks her to leave being angry on her. Will Nikumbh and Yamini understand each other? Keep reading.