What?! Nisha to time travel; will erase Arjun’s bad memories in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa

Grab some popcorn because this new update from Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa will make you question your sanity!
The above Alchemy Productions’ show is gearing up for a dramatic sequence which will leave the audiences amazed.
As per the plot, Arjun (Sudeep Sahir) will fall unconscious and Nisha (Manasi Salvi), who always has some or the other dirty trick up her sleeves will take advantage of the situation and kidnap him. On the other hand, Jia (Disha Parmar) and the family will worry about Arjun’s whereabouts.
Now comes the interesting part.
According to our sources, the storyline planned ahead will leave you bewildered to another level!
Remember a chapter of the Hollywood movie, Insidious where the father time travels to rescue his son? Well, the creatives plan to pick up this concept of paranormal and fit it into the plot of Woh Apna Sa!
Perplexed yet excited? So here’s how things will shape up –
Nisha will decide to time travel to Arjun’s past by hypnotizing him. She will erase all the bad memories Arjun has of her to eliminate the hatred. Also by doing this, Nisha will expect Arjun to support in her wrong-doings.
And trying to stop Nisha will be Jia, but will she manage to reach on time? Whatever the result may follow, we are sure this would be a helluva fun sequence to watch! What say?