OMG! A Conspiracy to set Avni on FIRE in ‘Naamkarann’

Yes, you read that right..

.’Naamkarann’ has entered the phase where one person is now already aware of Ananya aka Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) reality and that is Ali (Gautam Vig).

While Neil (Zain Imam) is still unaware of this fact, there’s another hurdle Avni will have to face in the upcoming episodes.

The upcoming episodes will showcase the roka ceremony of Neil and Riya (Nalini Negi). However, the ceremony will turn out to be an eventful one as a fire will engulf Avni out of nowhere.

That is true. It will so happen that the dupatta that Avni is wearing will suddenly catch fire thus shocking everyone. Using his presence of mind, Neil will immediately get rid of the dupatta and come to Avni’s rescue at the eleventh hour.

However, a fire cannot just happen out of nowhere in an Indian TV show, right? This would in fact be a conspiracy put to execution by none other than Riya and Diksha themselves.

Riya will gift Avni this dupatta and Avni will gladly wear it. However, the dupatta has alcohol rubbed on it and finding the right moment, Diksha will set the dupatta on fire.

Thanks to Neil, Avni will get out of it unharmed. However, this won’t be the end of problems for Avni as everyone will start blaming her for grabbing the attention and faking the fire so that she is able to get Neil close to her.

This would lead to another clash between Neil and Aman as Neil will not able to hear ill of Avni.