Pakhi makes Ayaan accept Anshuman’s death; Aryaman arrested by police in Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi imagines Anshuman to come and encourage her to live her life happily with Ayaan. She says you are my life, and I have lived my full life with you. She says no one can take your place in my life, but my aim of life is to take care of Ayaan. I can’t forget you ever. He says keep smiling Pakhi, I love you Pakhi. He disappears while she closes her eyes. She sees Aryaman standing with Anshuman’s ashes. Pakhi takes the ashes and hugs it. Its morning, Aryaman’s death news comes in every newspaper. Police comes and talks to Aryaman and Ayaan, and Pakhi comes to know about Ayaan’s kidnapping and then the goons hitting the car. Pakhi says I m sorry, my son is very traumatized.

The inspector says you did not tell us about Ayaan’s kidnap attempt. He says the people there died, we had their pics, just see and identify. Aryaman and Girish see the pics. Girish is shocked and says he is Sandeep, my driver. The inspector says how can you do this, if he was driver, it means you have his helpers in this house, any servant. Pakhi says all servants here are trustable. Aryaman thinks this case is opened, I have to be like Anshuman and not let them doubt on me. Pakhi confronts Aryaman and he lies to her being tensed. Pakhi listens to every voice mail by Anshuman. She cries and is shocked to know Aryaman’s reality. Pakhi gets down stairs in anger and grabs Aryaman’s shirt and pushes him.

She tells Anuja that he is behind Anshuman’s death. Anuja says she knows everything. Anuja asks Pakhi to pardon Aryaman. Aryaman thinks how he has heard Anshuman’s voicemail about he got exposed and apologizing to Anuja admitting his plan to kidnap Ayaan. Aryaman says I m a son of this house. Pakhi says no, you are a cheap man. Anuja defends Aryaman, but Pakhi does not forgive him. Pakhi says you want your son to be safe and I want my son to be safe, he is a threat to Ayaan’s life. Aryaman says Ayaan will die if you sacrifice me, he has seen Anshuman’s death.Pakhi decides to tell the truth to Ayaan thinking about Anshuman’s words to always speak truth and get strong.

Pakhi speaks to him well and explains him to accept the fact that Anshuman is dead. She says my strong son, the one you saw on stretcher in hospital and fainted thinking it was your dad, he was your dad. Ayaan is shocked. She says Anshuman is no more, he has left us. She says I was very afraid, doctors told me not to tell you as you will get very ill. She says so I was scared and lied to you, I made your Chachu your dad but it’s a lie. I don’t want you to take a support of weak bridge. Ayaan thinks about Anshuman and says dad, Lord called you as he likes you a lot, I will not cry as I m very strong. Aryaman is shocked as Pakhi has managed to explain Ayaan.

She says police will come now and arrest Aryaman. Aryaman asks her to talk to the media, they will ruin your image. Pakhi tells them about Ayaan’s mental weakness and he would have died if he knew Anshuman is dead. She says I have hidden that we have lost Anshuman Rathore in the accident. he reporters taunt Pakhi on her character for making a joke on woman, how can she be stone hearted, to not mourn on Anshuman’s death. They ask did she make this plan with Aryaman to kill Anshuman. They say Pakhi has cheated Anshuman, is she not ashamed. Pakhi says I really feel ashamed, when people educated like you say this, when I don’t see humanity in this world.

She asks them what would they do, care about society or your son, what would you do as a woman? They clap for Pakhi. The inspector says we have his arrest orders, for kidnapping Ayaan and killing Anshuman. Aryaman says all this is lie. Anuja tries to stop them. Anuja says you can’t my son and asks Pakhi to stop this Aryaman says I changed, tell anything Maa. He cries and says why is Pakhi doing this. ryaman says Ayaan will be sad seeing me go, and you will come begging me. She says don’t scare me, I have bear the loss of my husband. She says my house will flourish as Anshuman wanted, I don’t need people like you. Aryaman says you are making a big mistake. Anuja tries to stop him but he is taken away. They hear about the share rates falling of their company.

Pakhi gets worried. She says nothing such will happen, I won’t let this happen, Rathore empire was Anshuman’s pride, I will never let it down. Its morning, Ayaan gets ready for school and everyone ask where is Pakhi. Pakhi says she is going to office to take care of Anshuman’s business. I won’t let Anshuman’s pride break, his dream of happy township will be completed, I will fulfill his dream, and Rathore group of companies’ name will be on the top. Anuja is happy that Pakhi is managing everything on her own. Will Pakhi be able to fulfill Anshuman’s dream project? Keep reading.

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