Zain states divorce to Aaliya; Rehan informs Zain that Aaliya is 51% stake holder in Barkat Royale in Beintehaa

Usman is declared dead and with this Zain is much broken. Aaliya steps in there and Zain stops her. Surayya is very angry on Aaliya and her parents. Even Zain does not want to see her face and Fahad stops Ghulam from coming to the graveyard. Shabana tries to console Surayya, but she stops her and says prays god that nobody gets bahu like Aaliya. Zain reminisces happy times with his dad while carrying his body. Aaliya comes runs near the grave while people around scold her for coming into burial ground. Before she sees Usman, Usman is already buried. Zain adds flower chadar on Usman’s grave.

He angrily goes near Aaliya and holds her face. Zain says Aaliya that he is divorcing her repeats talaaq twice while Aaliya stops him from repeating it thrice and says with one more word, their relationship will be destroyed. Zain repeats talaaq again and completes divorce according to islamic rituals. Ghulam asks him how can he divorce Aaliya. Rehan says Zain to mind his words as Usman’s burial is not yet over. Zain says his words are final. Moulvi saheb says he has to repeat it for 3 months to complete the formality. Zain asks Rehan to start the process. Aaliya sadly looks at Usman’s grave and starts crying.

Zain goes home and consoles Surayya. Ghulam tells Shabana about Zain giving divorce to Aaliya. Zain also gives this news to Surayya. Surayya says if he would have done it before, his dad would have been alive. Zain enters his room, sees Aaliya’s pics and her items angrily, scribbles on paper reminiscing his and Surayya’s arrest and police torturing him and Surayya, Usman’s death. He angrily breaks everything except his and Aaliya’s pic with Usman. Zain asks Ghulam and Shabana to take their daughter from his house. Aaliya says she want to stay with him. He says her first month of divorce station from today and says first talaaq. She says she can stay with him for 3 months till he repeats talaaq thrice.

He asks servant to shift Aaliya’s bags in another room. Aaliya says when their relationship has finished, it is injustice to wait for 3 months, so she will move from there now. Rehan says Zain that he is not doing right. Fahad says dad took Aaliya’s name as his last word, he loved and believed Aaliya so much, but she herself took Usman’s life. Rehan says maybe someone else complained instead of Aaliya. Zain says he saw his dad dying in his arms and prays nobody sees that moment. He says after that incident, he cannot allow Aaliya in his life. Rehan sees Aaliya unconscious on the road and brings her home.

Dr. Habeeb says he did good by bringing her here.Everyone reads Holy Quraan verses and pray for Usman. Zain asks Rehaan did he bring divorce papers. Aaliya says she does not want any drama at mamu’s prayer meeting, takes divorce papers and signs them reminiscing her marriage with Zain. Zain also signs divorce papers, reminiscing their marriage twice. Aaliya helps Rehan’s children in their homework and cries reminiscing her happier days with Zain. Rehan reaches Barkath villa with marriage certificate and asks Surayya’s permission to read it. Rehan reads it and says according to it, Zain cannot divorce Aaliya.

Rehan says Usman has written something in it that this marriage cannot be anulled. Zain asks what has he done. Rehan says Usman has given Barkath Royale empire’s 51% stake to Aaliya as Maher/security. Surayya says Usman was very generous and Aaliya must have trapped him. Aaliya says she does not want any money. Rehan sees her and tries to console her. He says Zain did one mistake by becoming emotional and she is doing another mistake. He says did he think why Usman gave her 51% stake and says he did not meet Usman at all, but he can imagine Usman thinks way ahead and he used to make decisions seriously. He asks her to rethink again and inform her. Aaliya reminisces Usman’s words of not losing her faith.

Rehan says being in the company, she can find out who is behind all this. He asks her to do it for Usman’s sake and prove that Usman’s decision of bringing her home was not wrong. Surayya says Zain she does not know why Usman gave 51% stake to Aaliya, Aaliya must have tricked him. Zain says he does not know why he did it, but Barkath group was Usman’s dream, so he will not let Aaliya ruin it. Aaliya reaches Barkath Royale and says she is ready to accept 51% stake maher. What will Zain do now to keep Aaliya away from his family? Keep reading.