Pakhi makes Veer get 30 days trial stay period with his daughter Riya in Tumhari Pakhi

Anuja taunts Pakhi and scares her of taking Ayaan from her. Anuja tells her plan. Lavanya says its too much, things can get worse. Anuja says what we do is justified. Anuja says she decided well. Girish and Lavanya have a fight over Pakhi and Veer. Riya surprises a birthday party for Girish and Lavanya comes. Riya lies to her. Lavanya gets angry and fires her. Ayaan says we will hand print on this sheet and reminds Pakhi they did before too. Pakhi thinks of Anshuman. Anuja says this notice came, your husband is a good lawyer, go and ask him, the things have gone very far now, you told me who can dare to make you apart from Ayaan, now I say who can dare to keep my grand child, I want Ayaan’s custody.

Pakhi says you are taking house matters to court? Anuja talks about Aryaman. Pakhi argues and says Ayaan can’t live without me and asks her to take the court case back. Pakhi says if she wants Aryaman, she will get him. Anuja says its so late now, you did not care for anyone, you were teaching me mum’s love knowledge. She says you are Veer’s wife, Ayaan will be here, I will love him, you don’t have any right, go and prepare for the case. Anuja says its very late and pushes Pakhi. Pakhi falls and Veer holds her. Veer says he will see it that no one can take Ayaan from Pakhi. Veer says you have seen your nephew, not a solicitor and see what I do now, you are more clever, but you can see how I trouble you in court, you will be scared to enter court then.

Veer says my wife and son is involved in this case, you can’t think what I can do. He says no one can separate Pakhi and Ayaan. Anuja fills Pakhi’s ears against Veer, that he wanted to marry her. Anuja says she will play with Pakhi. Veer tries to explain Pakhi but she gets angry on him. Veer asks Pakhi t give him one chance to prove that Bua is playing a game. He tries to make Anuja speak put the truth, but Anuja sees Pakhi and lies again. Veer tells Pakhi how Anuja is playing divide and rule game. Girish comes to help Pakhi and no laywer takes her case. A lawyer suggests Pakhi to give the case to Veer.

Girish talks to Pakhi and says you told me what Maa told me. He says Maa did not say the truth, as Veer does not wish to marry. He was leaving the house, I stopped him and have hurt him. He heard Bhaisa and he said he regrets after knowing Aryaman’s truth, then he agreed to marry you. Pakhi prays to win the case and bring happiness at her home. Anuja comes to her and prays that Pakhi does not win, as she has taken her son away, she is her culprit and Pakhi should be punished. They go to the court and the case begins. Anuja shifts her target from Pakhi to Veer. nuja says Pakhi married Veer after Anshuman’s death.

She says she does not want Ayaan to be with Veer, as he is not a good father. She says she is not blaming, she has proof. Veer’s daughter comes in the court. Riya comes in. Everyone is shocked. Riya gives statement against Veer. Pakhi says Veer is with them, he is a liar. They fight there and the judge is about to make the decision. The judges asks them to take one hour break. Veer defends himself and says he is having a double war with her and Bua, and she says he does not know relations, you are wrong, I value relations more. He asks is Ayaan your son, like that Riya is my daughter. He tells her everything how his lover married someone else and then died with her husband, leaving Riya to him.

Riya was seven years old and I felt I have an aim in my life now. Veer says what he did with Bua, he told her already, after knowing the truth, I felt your pain as mine. He says I know how it feels to be away from children. Pakhi fights the case and confronts Riya. She asks Riya the reason to hate her father who has given her support all the time and even financed her education. The judge gives a trial to Riya to stay with Veer. Anuja is shocked. Everyone accept the trial period of 30 days. Lavanya says but Riya hates Veer. Riya thinks she loves Girish and she can do anything for him.

Pakhi meets Riya and says welcome to family. Riya says don’t be happy, it will be adventure for 30 days.Riya is doing this favor on Girish as he has explained her to support Veer and give him a final chance. Will Lavanya get to know about Riya’s love for Girish? Will Riya give best father tag to Veer? Keep reading.

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