Ranawat kidnaps Nikhil; Shalini helps Lajjo in exposing Ranawat and gets shot in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo comes to Ranawat’s house and stops Ranawat and Harry from reading the paper by making excuses. Lajjo changes the front page. Lajjo comes and confuses them. Shalini doubts on Lajjo that she is lying and trying to confuse them. Harry comes to know she is Nikhil’s wife and they both are playing a game with Ranawat. Harry will be exposing Lajjo, while Shalini had doubts on her before. Harry will tell Ranawat and Shalini about Lajjo and Nikhil being together and spying on him. Harry talks to Ranawat and Shalini and says Lajjo is lying, she is superstar Trishna. They are shocked. Lajjo gets tensed.

Ranawat scolds him and says look at her, do you find her glamorous. Harry fails in exposing Lajjo and inturn gets caught by Ranawat as Lajjo blames to steal his secret data from his laptop. Lajjo frames Harry and Ranawat gets angry on Harry. Well, another twist which was very predictable was Adhiraj’s identity. He is Ranawat’s son, as Ranawat stated about his son not being interested in family business and going against him, claiming him to be a wrong doer. Ranawat and Adhiraj have parted ways and Adhiraj chose the small home over her rich comforts, just to go the honest way. Ayesha has seen money with Adhiraj before, and it was sent by Ranawat, which made Adhiraj angry.

Barkha will be glad knowing Adhiraj is a rich guy and calls him for lunch. The entire family gels up well with Adhiraj and have a good time. With Barkha doubting Inder and shedding tears thinking he is having an affair with someone, her focus has moved from Lajjo. She hired a detective to know about Inder. And did not get any news to confirm his activities. Barkha gets the Inder’s bank account book and checks it. She is shocked seeing the papers. She says in whose account is Inder transferring money and why. She calls the spy and he says it will take time. She says she will send him some transactions. She asks the detective to find out and he asks for more money. Lajjo gets the key and takes its impression.

She asks Shalini can she go. Shalini gives her leave. Ranawat looks for the key. He comes home and calls Shalini. Shalini comes and Lajjo looks on. Shalini asks what happened. He asks for the key. She says she did not see it, look around. He says did you see. She says no, you try to remember. Lajjo thinks she kept the key on table, where did it go. Shalini says its here and gives him the key from under the sofa.

Shalini thinks Lajjo is going to take the key print, I wanted her to hear we are going out tomorrow and she will think what she will do and why she came here. Nikhil comes to Ranawat’s home and gives diamond set to Savita. She says Jasmine is waiting. asmine calls him to her room. He says he is in hurry, you give this to her. Jasmine comes to him and stops him. he hurts her feet intentionally and he cares for her. He does the first aid. She smiles and thinks if you will touch me if I get hurt, I m ready to get hurt to keep you close.

Lajjo gets upset and misses her dad. She says she needs their blessings, as its big day tomorrow. Lajjo and Nikhil have a talk. They say they won’t see Ranawat’s face after the case ends. Lajjo gets the safe and opens it. She is shocked to see it. It has the blue diary and she is happy that she is near her destination. Shalini comes home and Savita says Harry came home, he is after Lajjo. Harry says he will take her to Ranawat, you made me leave this house, see what I do now. Shalini sees Harry holding Lajjo’s hand. Harry says come, she has the diary in her hand, she has stolen this, you doubted me and kicked me out, see she is the real culprit. He stops Lajjo and says he will shoot her.

Shalini also aims the gun and shoots Harry, she helps Lajjo and asks her to run away fast. Harry calls Ranawat and tells everything. Harry shoots to stop Lajjo and Shalini gets shot. Ranawat tells Nikhil that his and Lajjo’s game is over. Harry tells Lajjo that Nikhil is with Ranawat, if you do anything, Ranawat will kill Nikhil. She is shocked. Lajjo comes home crying with DK. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Lajjo hugs Barkha and cries. Everyone ask her what happened. Lajjo says Nikhil got kidnapped. They get shocked. Shalini is in hospital. DK asks the doctor to save her, and he wants to talk to her to take her statement.

The doctor says she has to get stable first. DK says she can save someone’s life. Nikhil is tensed being alone. He cries and Lajjo cries in her room. How will Lajjo and Nikhil meet now? Will Nikhil be killed by Ranawat? Keep reading.

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