Purab wishes to marry Meher; Sameer being tracked by Malik in Nadaan Parindey

Nimmi comes to know that Meher went to meet Bebe again. She gets furious and thinks to go and check on Meher. Purab tells his mum that he has chosen a girl for him and she is Meher. She is shocked as she dislikes Meher for often being with Sameer. Purab asks her to talk to Nimmi about their marriage proposal and keep a good news for him till he returns. Purab tells everyone that he has got promoted and will be a Army commander now. Everyone are happy for him. Bebe cries with happiness and blesses him. Purab asks Bebe to talk to Sameer and convince him to go on railway job. Meher talks to Smaeer and convinces him to go to Jalandar. Sameeer says Bebe will never send me as she loves me a lot. Gopi informs Malika that Sameer is going Jalandar alone.

Malik asks his men to kidnap Sameer. Sameer talks to Bebe and is shocked to know that Bebe is sending him so far from her. He starts crying but Bebe does not melt. Sameer packs his bag and gets ready to leave. Meher hugs him and cries. Everyone meet Sameer and bid him bye. Sameer leaves in an army truck rather than a bus. Malika fails to kidnap Sameer this time and thinks to wait for next opportunity. Sameer thinks only about Bebe all the way and misses her a lot. He comes back home from midway and hides hearing Bebe and Meher talk. He sees Bebe crying and missing him so much. Bebe gets a bad dream and runs out of the house crying. Sameer bumps into her. Bebe sees him and is very happy. She hugs him happily.

Sameer tells her that he can’t live without her and will not go far from her. Bebe says its fine, she was also very much worried about him, so he does not need to go now. Meher comes to their home and is shocked to see Sameer back. Sameer tells the reason why he came back, that’s Bebe. Meher scolds him and also Bebe and asks her to pamper Sameer more to spoil him. Sameer laughs. Meher tells them that she has an exam and is going there. She leaves her hall ticket at Bebe’s home and realizes it at the exam centre. She calls Bebe and asks her to check at home.

Bebe gets the hall ticket and asks Sameer to go and give it to Meher else her one year will be wasted. Sameer rides the bicylce in full speed and falls on the road. The cycle breaks. Sameer faints for some time and then gets up. He reaches to Meher and gives her the hall ticket. Meher thanks him and is about to go for the exam, but Nimmi stops her. Nimmi scolds her and takes her to Bebe. Nimmi gets angry on Bebe and asks her to stay away from Meher. Bebe argues with her and tells her that she is like Meher’s mum and will do anything for her happiness. Nimmi is also adamant and scares Bebe of the panchayat. Nimmi decides to marry off Meher in 7 days. Meher tells her that she will not marry.

In the village, everyone is worried about a guy’s death, as he went in the border to get his cow and got killed. They come in a rage and get angry on the army men. They decide to call the panchayat and decide themselves. Nimmi locks Meher in the room and asks her not to meet Bebe again. Meher worries about Bebe’s medicines and goes to meet her. She meets Sameer who tells her that Bebe went to the city herself to get the medicines. Meher and Sameer have a talk. He tries hard to make her smile. Meher tells him that Nimmi is making her married forcefully against her wish.

Sameer tells her that if she does not smile, he will go across the border. She atlast smiles. They go in some marriage to have food as they are very hungry. The people catch them and they get tensed. Nimmi comes to Bebe seeing Meher disappear from home. She scolds Minty and Balli for making Meher run away. Nimmi scolds Bebe again and this time even Mangal is against Meher and Bebe. Mangal asks Bebe to stop supporting Meher. Bebe is shocked. What will Bebe do now to support Meher? Will Purab be able to marry Meher? Keep reading.