Amol gets kidnapped; Shiv and Anandi rescue him in Balika Vadhu

Saachi is very happy with Vivek knowing that he gave her space and time to accept him by heart and not hurrying for the husband wife relation. Saachi is thankful to him and respects him even more. Saachi comes home for the patphere ritual and thanks Anandi for this life. Anandi tells her that it was her right decision that her life is shaping well now. Vivek keeps Saachi very happy and cares for her a lot. Saachi tells everyone how caring and loving is Vivek. Everyone are happy for her and offers her many gifts for the newly wed couple.

Kanchan faints as she was very unwell. When she was rushed to the hospital, Jagya treats her and checks her condition. Everyone wait outside. Dadisa pacifies Gehna and asks her to be patient. Jagya comes out and tells Manish, Kanchan’s husband that everything is not fine and Kanchan is having a tumor in her uterus. He says its too big and can’t be treated by medicines. They have only one option and that is to remove it. He tells them that Kanchan will never be able to become a mother. Manish, Gehna and everyone are shocked. Jagya asks Manish to consult his family. He tells him that this is the only way to save Kanchan’s life else she will be at great risk.

Manish asks Jagya to do the operation soon as he ahs taken the decision to save Kanchan’s life. He tells them that he will talk to his parents later and supports Kanchan. Gehna cries knowing about Kanchan. Jagya does the operation. Manish’s mum comes to the hospital and asks about Kanchan. Manish tells her that Kanchan’s uterus is being removed and she won’t be able to conceive. Manish’s mum is shocked and asks him how did he take such a big decision alone. She scolds him and Dadisa for being so irresponsible and not informing them once about their consent. She gets annoyed and leaves.

Jagya brings Kanchan home and Manish’s mum tells him that he might be happy doing the operation on Kanchan but she is of no use to them now. She tells him that if she can’t give her a grandson, then what will they do with her. Kanchan cries and apologizes to her. She tells her that the operation was really necessary but her mum in law does not understand. Manish assures Kanchan that he will talk to her mum and asks her not to worry. Anandi drops Amol at school and they tell how much they love each other. Anandi asks him to go inside. Amol stands at the gate waiting and the beggar’s head kidnaps Amol and leaves in the car. Amol shouts for help. The school’s watchman sees this and informs the school principal.

The principal calls Anandi and asks her to come to the school. They tell Anandi that Amol is kidnapped and Anandi is left shocked. Anandi informs Shiv and he is shocked too. Shiv tells her that he is coming. Anandi breaks down thinking Amol is handicapped and he may not be able to run too. Anandi and Shiv look for Amol everywhere. Shiv complains to the police that Amol is kidnapped and the search for Amol begins. Anandi stops eating food and keeps on crying. Everyone at home become upset knowing about Amol. All of them love Amol. Anandi thinks of the moments spent with Amol and cries missing him and thinking where he might be and in what state.

Shiv pacifies Anandi. Shiv gets the inspector’s call who tells him that they got a boy and maybe it is Amol. He asks him to come and check. Shiv tells the family that the inspector does not have Amol’s photo and can’t identify him, so he has to go and see the boy. Shiv comes and sees that the boy is not Amol. He is heart broken. A boy Tinku helps Amol run away from the beggars and the police is finding them. Tinku calls Shiv and asks him to come and take Amol. Shiv tries to reach there. Even the beggars search for Amol and Tinku. At last, Shiv and Anandi get Amol by Tinku’s help. They come to know that the lady beggar was making Amol beg and get money for her. Shiv asks Amol to forget everything and brings him back home. Everyone are happy to see Amol. Amol thanks his parents for rescuing him and the other kids and giving them a better life. What will be the next track in the show? Keep reading.