Rajo to kill Simran in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

This week, Lohari ran away from the house when she came to know that the very own Guru ji is coming to visit them. Tau ji gives this good news to everyone that the Guru ji he respects more than his family is coming to meet him and would stay with them for one or two days. Tau ji tells everyone that Guru ji is a honest and true man who can read anyone’s face and can come to know about their past, present and future. Simran is tensed thinking her truth can come out if Guru ji sees her face. She thinks of an idea to hide her face from Guru ji. Lohari directly runs from the house thinking if Guru ji sees her face, her truth and the secret to ruin and kill Sanghwan house will be out. Lohari asks Rajo to manage on her own for few days till she comes back.

Guru ji after making everyone wait for long, finally arrives in the Sanghwan house. Tau ji and everyone welcome him happily. Rajo thinks of knowing about her future and forgets that Guru ji can even tell her past. Rajo meets him as Rajveer’s wife. Guru ji does her tilak and meditates to find out about her. He comes to know about Rajo’s lie. Guru ji tells everyone that Rajo and Rajveer did not get married and she is not Rajveer’s wife. Everyone are shocked. Rajo gets tensed. Rajo denies this and says Guru ji is lying. Tau ji believes in what Guru ji said and says this girl is a liar and I won’t let her stay in my house. Just then Rajveer comes, Rajo asks him to support her and tell everyone that they are married.

Rajveer supports Rajo and tells that Guru ji is either lying or his powers have cheated him this time making him say wrong. Tau ji is shocked seeing Rajveer misbehave and disrespect Guru ji. Tau ji asks Rajveer to apologize to Guru ji. Rajveer apologizes and says I have married Rajo by my wish, if anyone does not believe it, it is not my problem. Simran hears this and is shocked too. Tau ji asks Simran to meet Guru ji. Simran makes some excuses and avoids Guru ji by some way or another.

Guru ji asks Simran to meet him and show him her face so that he can know about her. Tau ji introduces Simran as Rajveer’s wife. Guru ji does her tilak and comes to know about her truth. He leaves from the hall and goes to his room without telling Simran’s truth to everyone. He says he wants to talk to Simran alone. Tau ji is surprised and thinks what happened that made Guru ji go silently. Simran goes to meet Guru ji. Guru ji warns her about the lie she said to the family. He says your lie can ruin this house. He warns her about death coming to this house. He says when death comes, it never goes empty hand. Simran is shocked to know about her future.

She leaves his room crying. Tau ji sees this and asks Simran what did Guru ji say. Simran lies to Tau ji saying it was only about the troubles I will face in my life, it made me cry. Guru ji leaves from the house. Rajveer talks to Simran and asks her about Guru ji’s prediction. Simran tells him everything. Rajveer is stunned. He sees Simran very upset with Guru ji’s words and thinks of making her happy.

Its Valentine’s day, Rajveer thinks of giving a surprise to Simran and takes her to the fields closing her eyes. She is surprised to see the fields decorated with flowers and lights. They get closer and spend some romantic moments together. They have a talk about how they should tackle the situation. Rajveer tells Simran that he will find Lohari soon and will bring her reality infront of everyone. Simran says she will always support him. They come back home and have a hug. Rajo sees them hugging and understands that Simran is after Rajveer again. Rajo conspires to add poison in Simran’s food and kill her to get rid of her permanently. Will Simran survive or will Guru ji’s prediction become true? Keep reading.