Rudra gets a step towards his enemies in Mahakumbh

Swami ji takes Rudra into confidence and tells he knows about his family. Maya then takes Rudra to meet Nanu. Rudra is shocked seeing his parents pic. He cries recalling his mum. Rao talks to Tiwari and says it will be tough to manage Mahakumbh this time. Tiwari says this time nothing wrong will happen. Rudra asks Nanu does he know about his parents. Nanu says your grandpa was like my brother and your father was like my son. He says when you lost Shivanand, the Mahakumbh had bad shadow, and it has ruined your family. He says your ashram as Saraswati Kund and had Amrit, don’t know who were those enemies, and your grandpa did not tell me anything about it.

Grierson hires a haveli by a politician. He asks him to stay peacefully and call him for help. Grierson calls Pandey and says he is in Allahabad. Pandey says did you call Swami, I could not find Rudra, and how much will I get for this work. Nanu asks Maya to take care of Rudra and not let him go out, as people can be after him, they have to save him in every way. Maya tells Rudra about the man who killed Maai Mui. Swami ji catches Pandey. Shivanand says few things related to Amrit. He comes to his home/ashram run by Shivanand. He recalls the mantras chanted there, and sees the building turned into dark shut deserted place.

He goes inside the house, and sees the spider webs. He cries seeing the place and recalls his childhood with his parents. Shivanand is taken inside the house. Shivanand looks at the house, and recalls his past life. The man informs Grierson that Shivanand is getting weak, its right time for Narco test. They inject Shivanand. Rudra still stands there and cries, not knowing about Shivanand. The men take Shivanand, whole Rudra faces the other side. They ask him about the house. Shivanand recalls the house and says mine. The doctor asks where is Rudra. Shivanand says Kumbh Mela, the bridge and the blast. They ask about the book. Shivanand tells the shop name. Grierson says thank you and leaves.

Swami asks Grierson about the mehendi shop, and asks whats the reason to find it. Grierson says just say what I do. Grierson says I have to meet some one and know about books. Swami ji thinks its Pandey’s home, who does he know him, and says I will take you. Swami ji gets the phone and sees Grierson’s call, while Pandey still denies it. Swami says then why is Grierson calling you, you reached Poland, so much progress. Pandey says no, I was giving you surprise, he told me he wants to surprise you, and want to make you happy, and I wanted to see you happy. He says this is your punishment, Rudra could not find you as you were here, how will you get saved now, Rudra has come to take revenge from you.

Rudra recalls Udiya’s and Maai’s death, and wakes up. He recalls Maai’s words when she names Khoye Paaye Pandey. Rudra sits to write a letter. Maya reads Rudra’s letter that he has come here or a motive and no one can stop me. Rudra goes to find him. Swami talks to Pandey. Tiwari scolds Charles and says Rao has to face shame because of you, you can go to jail for long time, I m explaining you. Charles says thanks Sir, but the fact is Rao told me to do this work, I m doing it my way.

Tiwari says this way is not right, be serious, sometimes I doubt you are Sir’s grandson or not. Shivanand tells Grierson he won’t tell him about book till he makes him meet Rudra. Grierson talks to Swami and says I don’t need to disclose. Swami says this is my city, you can get Lord if you surrender, you should have belief in Swami Balivesh, don’t take my words light. Pandey is brought in fort and asks Swami ji why did get him here. Swami says Rudra is coming, he is your Lord, he can come here anytime.

Maya tells Swami ji that Rudra has gone, if anything happens to him, our efforts will go waste, I don’t want anything to happen to him, as he is the one who can cure Nanu. Swami says calm down, I will get Rudra back. Rudra beats Pandey’s family. Maya tells Rudra that she got Pandey. Swami ji ties Pandey and gives him to Rudra. Rudra proceeds to kill Pandey. What will Rudra do, will he kill Pandey or find out Swami’s truth? Keep reading.