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Astha is worried as Bua ji asked her to give good news of her child and make her family now. Astha realizes the family will also get saying the same. Vrinda talks to Astha and tells her about thinking of a child. Astha gets tensed and tells her that she also thinks the same. Vrinda gets glad. Alka recalls Rohan’s words and smiles, thanking Lord to give her a good husband like Rohan. Neil and Devyaani celebrate about Anu’s victory in proving herself innocent. They decide to unite Rajat and Anu, and start making efforts. They place Rajat’s pic in Anu’s room and Anu’s pic in Rajat’s room.

Rajat says his senior is coming today. Rajat’s senior tells Sareen and Rajat that Anu cleared all doubts, and department wants Rajat to join duty again. Rajat and Sareen are glad. Rajat wears uniform and looks at Anu. Everyone is glad and they dance giving sweets to everyone. The neighbors clear the matter and apologize to them. hey call it Anu’s magic and lady luck, that she has got Rajat’s pride back. Neil says this happened because of her. Rajat says maybe she wanted to clear my and her name, and does not want anything else now. Rajat gets promoted and his senior gives him the transfer orders, asking him to think well as he is newly married and his wife can get upset by this. Rajat thinks Anu left the home and there is nothing left now.

He accepts the orders and informs the family about it. Rajat says Neil that he is getting transferred to Dehradun, I m leaving tomorrow morning. Neil and Devyaani ask Anu to stop Rajat. Anu says no, I won’t interfere. Sareen asks Rajat to go if he wants, but he can’t get back after this point. Neil asks Rajat to give him a treat before going and takes him to the café. He messages Devyaani and she brings Anu there. Neil and Devyaani make Rajat and Anu meet at café. Anu and Rajat are shocked seeing each other. Alka and Rohan have come romantic moments as he fools her about someone calling her at hotel to tell Rohan’s truth. They consummate their marriage.

Astha gets worried seeing them at home with much love and smiling faces. Santo tells her about Rohan and Alka spending time at the hotel and something happened between them. Astha thinks Alka can give good news, and fools the family by her fake pregnancy news. Everyone get happy and Alka takes good care of Astha. Rajat and Anu does not end differences and he leaves apologizing to Sareen. Minty curses Anu for this day as Rajat is running away from home to avoid Anu. Rajat and Anu imagine each other everywhere and miss each other. He comes back home and meets Anu outside, holding her hand as she falls. She thinks she is imagining him. He says its really him and apologizes to her. hey argue and defend themselves. He says he was trying to make her jealous by bringing Karishma.

She says I thought you forgot me. He says you know it very well that I can never forget you. She says I was thinking she is more beautiful than me, modern and is good match for you, and you moved on. He asks does she not know him, why did she not stop him. They argue. She asks did you come to fight with me. He says no, I came to tell you that I love you a lot. Rajat says he wants to join mangalsutra with thread of trust, I want your support, will you support me. She nods yes and hugs him. Neil and Devyaani smile seeing them.

Shastri ji comes and they get shocked. Rajat says I m sorry uncle, I have hurt you all a lot, give me one chance for Anu’s sake, I want to give her happiness and take her home, with your blessings, please don’t refuse. Shastri ji agrees and says he wants to do Anu’s bidaai well as all the rest of the rituals did not happen well, with his dreams left incomplete. He says your love has proved that its above any test. Sareen makes the moment light and says he has decided the day, the Lodhi day. Shastri ji says yes, its auspicious day. Sareen hugs Anu.

Minty gets angry and thinks she has some time to stop Anu from coming home. Shastri ji worries for Anu as Minty hates her. Anu says she will make her happy and everyone there loves me. Devyaani calls Alka and tells her everything. Neil looks at her and smiles seeing her so happy. Neil wishes Devyaani loves her and their love story also gets complete. What will Minty do to stop Anu and Rajat’s union? Keep reading.