Sadhna accepts Radha as LD’s wife in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali

Govind and Sadhna reach Mumbai and come to LD’s house. LD meets his parents and bows down. Govind asks him to say what happened here, did he fight of hit anyone with bike, what did he do. LD says I have done marriage. Govind and Sadhna talk to Radha’s mum and uncles. He says we have not come to take things ahead, LD did a mistake and we regret. He asks what does he want. Rakesh greets him and taunts LD. Sadhna says I don’t have daughter, but I m someone’s daughter, so I understand. Govind says we can talk peacefully. Rakesh makes him angry. LD misbehaves with him and Radha enters to hear them.

Rakesh says he will give the solution, as the marriage is done, but they will do the vidaai now. Suhasini says this marriage is done by all rituals. Radha comes and Govind and Sadhna see her. Govind recalls her insulting LD before. LD sees Radha crying. LD says if Suhasini feels this is the solution, that Radha and he accepts this marriage and stay as husband and wife, then he accepts this decision. Radha is shocked. He says I m really sorry and I m ready for any punishment, but don’t punish Radha for this. They give time to thinka dn leave. Radha comes to talk to LD’s parents in private.

Radha apologizes to them and says I don’t agree with this marriage solution, I can’t accept this marriage. She says I believe that love is needed in any relation, trust and respect are important, and we don’t have friendship. Radha says I can’t leave Mumbai, as my dreams and career are here, its my dad’s dream to make me actress, I want to become successful to get the best for Rupa, I want to fulfill my mum’s dreams too, I want to do my duties as a daughter, if I become your bahu, I will have to depend on you to get the needs met for my family, and I don’t want to take any favor. She says a daughter is not weak.

Sadhna says they understand, but her thinking is different from her parents. LD thinks Radha has guts, superb. Radha thanks them for letting her say her matter, and she feels bad for LD getting rusticated, and she will request principal not to blacklist LD so that he can get admission in any other college. Radha sits outside. LD walks to there thinking. Few men come and tease Radha seeing her alone. LD comes and they leave seeing him. Radha asks what is he doing, is he following her. He says no. They start arguing and constable misjudges them. LD defends Radha and says she is my wife. Radha leaves from there. LD sees Radha everywhere and realizes he fell in love with her. He comes home and talks to Sadhna.

Sadhna asks LD what he wants to say. LD says he is in love with Radha. Sadhna is shocked. LD says he felt such moment, the moment which have many memories, it came in my life. Govind hears this standing behind LD and is shocked. He scolds LD. LD says I m saying the truth. Govind says we are going to Mathura tomorrow and LD is coming with us, its Bua ji’s birthday and we have to be there. LD tells Sadhna to believe him, he did not know when this happened, but I really love her, you understand me, its just a moment when we realize, if I m realizing, what can I do. He says everything, her style, anger, smile, guts and honesty. He says no girl can do this what she did today, I m sure you also noticed this.Suhansini tries to convince Radha. LD tries to convince Sadhna.

Radha talks to Sudhakar and cries saying why does bad happens with good people, or maybe I m bad. He says no, you are the best. She asks why are you all suffering with me, why do real life does not have happy ending. He says there is happy ending, else the picture is still left. He says Lord has written this script. LD helps Radha’s younger sister Rupa and drops her to school. Govind comes to know this and scolds him. LD and Sadhna go to meet Radha. Sadhna tells Radha’s family that she likes Radha a lot and would like to make her bahu. Radha is shocked. LD eyes her with love and smiles. What will Radha do now? Keep reading.