Anushka stunned as Devyaani and Rajat’s marriage gets fixed in Shastri Sisters

Astha and Alka challenge each other. Astha decides to bring Alka’s divorce matter infront of Bua ji. Devyaani talks to Neil about love thinking about Rajat. He misunderstands her and thinks to admit his love. Minty’s younger sister Nikki comes to stay with her after a long time and Devyaani bumps into her. She talks rudely and Nikki starts disliking her. Neil gives Devyaani a surprise. Neil comes there and sings the song I love you. He sits on his knees and shows the ring. He says I love you Devyaani. She is shocked. She says I care for you, so I m telling you that I don’t love you. He asks what was all that being with me and sharing secrets. She says I can do this with any formal friend. She says sorry if I misled you. Neil cries.

Devyaani comes in her room and says what was the need of this stupid to love me, this can affect me and Rajat too. She calls Alka and tells her everything. She says Neil loves me. Alka is shocked. Devyaani says he proposed me now and I refused him, I love Rajat, I don’t know what to do. Alka says what can you do, its good to say no to him, but I m feeling bad for him. Minty reads the letter from Neil . Neil goes to commit suicide. Minty is shocked reading he went to end his life for Devyaani. Alka wins Bua ji’s heart again by cooking a good halwa. Rajat says he has found the girl. Sareen smiles and asks who is she.

Rajat says I will tell once she says yes. Neil goes to the place to jump. He waits for Devyaani and she does not come. Minty prays to Lord to save Neil till she reaches him. She says she will die if anything happens to him. Neil thinks about Devyaani’s words. He walks to the end if the cliff. Neil says Devyaani did not feel my love when I was with her, maybe she will realize when I die, bye Devyaani. He closes his eyes ready to jump down the cliff.Neil jumps and Minty comes there with Nikki. The man who sees Neil jumping down rushes down to save him from the river. He gets Neil out and pumps out the water.

Minty cries thinking Neil is dead and breaks down. Neil starts coughing and Minty hugs him. Nikki says we will take revenge from that girl. Minty asks how. Nikki says I m sure she will have a weak point, we will hit on her weak point. They bring Neil home and take care of him. Rajat tells Minty that he is in love and the girl he loves is in blue suit. Anushka and Devyaani stand there in blue suit. Nikki thinks Rajat is saying about Anu, but Devyaani is there too, now see Minty what I do. Sareen says my wish is fulfilled, I m very happy, I also wanted this, but your mum scared me. Nikki says you should go now, you will be late.

Rajat hugs Minty. He leaves. Anushka and Devyaani wave him bye. Rajat leaves. Minty says Anu likes Rajat, that’s our problem. Nikki says did you see how Devyaani was seeing Rajat. Minty is shocked. She thinks about Rajat and Anushka, and Devyaani staring too. She says Devyaani was feeling weak that day, it means she kept Karwachauth fast for Rajat, why did I not understand this that time. Nikki tells her plan that they will take Rajat’s proposal for Devyaani and Shastri ji will agree, then Rajat will refuse, then it will be big issue. She hugs Minty asking her not to worry. Anushka calls Alka and tells her that she loves Rajat.

Alka tells Anushka that Devyaani too loves Rajat. Anushka is shocked. She looks at Devyaani and sees her happy. She sacrifices her love for Devyaani thinking of her promise made earlier. Sareen asks where is Neil. Minty says he went for group study. Sareen takes the marriage proposal to Shastri ji. Sareen asks Shastri ji to give his daughter’s hand for Rajat. Nikki says I will explain which girl, and says name Devyaani. Devyaani smiles and Anushka drops the glass being shocked. Nikki sees her and smiles. Shastri ji says he will talk to his daughters. He says he is worried as Anushka is elder and she should be married first.

Anushka says no, such good proposal should not go, Sareen and Minty loves us, and Rajat is very good, we should say yes for this proposal. Anushka cries thinking about Rajat. Alka pacifies her and hugs her. Anushka thinks to find her happiness in Rajat and Devyaani’s happiness. Will Rajat find out about the confusion? Keep reading.