Shastri ji breaks news to Alka about Rajeev’s dad rejecting her; Alka agrees to marry Rohan and gets engaged in Shastri Sisters

Shastri ji gets much insulted by Rajeev’s dad infront of everyone in the function party. Anushka says you don’t have any right to take to my dad like this. Sareen gets angry and shouts on him. He says our Alka is a diamond, and we came here as your son got us here. Rajeev says he loves Alka. His dad says fine, go and marry her, you won’t be related to me and my property. He says keep Alka with you, we don’t need her, I won’t agree for this marriage. He says you are not of our status and caste. He says its Rajeev’s no. Rajeev bows down being silent. He then says as dad’s wish.

Anushka scolds Rajeev for being a coward, why is he silent, say the truth to everyone, how can he hear such things against his love Alka. She says Alka has fought with her dad just for him. Shastri ji says I m proud of my daughter and her courage, the one she loved, she fought for everyone, Rajeev and you should be ashamed, for being a coward. They get sad and think what will they tell Alka who has high hopes. They come back to Delhi and Alka asks them what happened there. Anushka says they rejected the proposal saying our caste is different. Alka says did they say it or you told this. Anushka says what?

Alka says you might have told this, stop this drama. Shastri ji is hurt by Alka’s words. Alka says did you always fool me, does my likes and dislikes matter to you. Anushka says now I will tell the truth, Rajeev’s family did not know about you, they did not call us at their home, but on someone’s marriage, made us wait for hours, and insulted dad a lot infront of all the guests. Anushka says Rajeev is a coward and did not take any stand for you. Shastri ji cries and leaves. Devyaani and Peeya cry knowing about their dad’s insult. Anushka says I also insulted him a lot. Vrinda comes to meet them and asks them their answer, whether they agree for the proposal or not. Alka thinks about her family’s happiness and agrees to meet Rohan.

She says you are world’s best dad and I m world’s worst daughter. She says I have defamed you, and I was a fool to doubt you for all this, I m sorry Papa. rinda gives her gold bangles to Alka as shagun. Anushka comes to Alka and asks why did she say yes to Rohan, how will you be happy. Alka says the thing which can give happiness to Papa, how can it be a compromise for me. Alka is happy seeing everyone happy. Sareen, Minty, Shastri ji and Anushka come to Rohan’s house with the shagun. Rohan’s dad and Rohan’s Bhabhi does not value the shagun and taunt Shastri ji. Vrinda tells about a problem related to engagement. She says we have to keep it tomorrow as our pandit gave this mahurat. Everyone agrees and is happy.

Anushka talks to Rohan and gets his promise that he will always keep Alka happy. The engagement talk goes on. They come to Alka and say the engagement is tomorrow. Rohan calls Shastri ji and says he wants to meet Alka before engagement. Rohan and Alka meet in a café. Rohan says I don’t want anything between us to start with lie. He asks her to tell him if there us anything she has to share. She says I loved someone, I had someone in my life before. Rohan is shocked and leaves silently.The function starts. Rohan thinks about Alka’s words and talks to Vrinda. Rohan and his family does not come. Alka gets tensed thinking Rohan will not come, and calls him to apologize.

He sees her standing downstairs and compliments her beauty. She smiles seeing him. They get engaged and get friendly. Alka says you are very good, you came even after knowing everything. He says I respect you a lot. It was not easy for you to tell me everything, as you did not wish to cheat me, I don’t care who was in your life before, but I m happy I will be in your life always. Rohan promises her that he will get her love. Dolly praises Minty that she saw the perfect couple Alka and Rohan and united them. Vrinda says we will leave now, the arrangements were good. Rohan’s dad says don’t let Alka and Rohan meet before marriage, there should be some difference. Shastri ji says fine, Alka will do as you say. They leave happily. Will Alka and Rohan’s marriage happen peacefully? Keep reading.