Yamini proposes Nikumbh; He refuses her proposal; Yamini decides to make him accept her love in Baawre

Dadi stops Raghavendra from hurting Nikumbh and tells him that Yamini is in love with Nikumbh. He is shocked. amini tells her mum that she loves to be with Nikumbh. Azam teases Nikumbh pulling his leg. Yamini says she will do what her heart says. Raghavendra says no one will hear Yamini’s heart and if anyone tries to hear it, then he will make them deaf. Dadi says he is very smart, mature, mind and heart are in right direction. Azam says he can see Nikumbh’s face and can understand Yamini is not coming, but he wants her to come. Dadi asks Yamini to follow her heart.

Yamini comes and says its out company’s letterhead stamp, I designed it. The company name is Infinite dreams, with Director Nikumbh Sharma. CEO Yamini Singh and COO Azam Mirza. They say they will clean it. Yamini says I did a mistake, that I got my name after Nikumbh, but it should have been Azam’s. Azam says the poetry to Shaheen and she smiles. He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. Nikumbh and Yamini come to buy the office furniture. Nikumbh makes Yamini sit on the main chair and sits next to her. Raghavendra comes there and is about to see Yamini and Nikumbh in the market. Nikumbh and Yamini go inside the shop and checks other tables. They see few cabinets.

Raghavendra gets a doubt and goes to the same shop to see them. Yamini sees him and gets tensed. Raghavendra calls Dadi to ask about Yamini. Dadi says we came home. He goes home and looks for Yamini. Dadi calls Yamini to come home fast. He enters her room and finds her reading a book. He gets glad that he was wrong. Nikumbh writes the script and gets stuck in the lines. He thinks about Yamini and writes the lines. They have a talk for long hours. She reasons herself and realizes her love. She thinks she is in love. She comes to meet Nikumbh and sees him sleeping in the chair. Yamini says she wants to complete Nikumbh’s work, as he has called me late night to take my suggestion.

Nikumbh thanks her for inspiring him and understanding the girl’s point of view. He says our chemistry is good and she smiles. He asks have you ever fall in love. Yamini is quiet. Shaheen laughs as she has seen Nikumbh sleeping with Yamini’s dupatta. Yamini says we will get sponsors for promotions. Nikumbh says he does not want to make it commercial. Azam proposes her asking will she spend all her life with him. Shaheen is stunned. Shaheen asks is he sure, she does not want any confusion, so she is clearing, her answer is yes. Azam is stunned. He dances on the bike. They fall off the bike in excitement. They have an eyelock. Shaheen tells Yamini to admit her feelings, as it will make her heart light.

Yamini tells Nikumbh that she has to tell him something. Yamini holds his hand and looks at him. She says I love you to him infront of everyone. He leaves her hand and says how can Lucknow singing star think this about me, anyone would die to hear this from you, but you are my friend. He says he can’t reciprocate her feelings, he does not deserve her. He says my heart can’t adjust anyone, it does not place. Nikumbh says sorry, I respect your feelings, but I don’t feel so. Yamini is shocked. Nikumbh says forgive me, if I or my behavior made you feel this, my intention was not this. You are special to me just like Azam, as a friend, but no love. He walks away. Yamini cries.

Yamini tells Shaheen that she promised herself she will not fail in her love and will make Nikumbh’s no turn to yes. Yamini says you helped me, you made me realize that I m very much connected to Nikumbh, and made me realize my feelings, you are right, I love Nikumbh a lot. Nikumbh thinks about Yamini. Raghavendra asks about her singing, as organizers are asking about her program. She says she can’t manage singing now. He gets angry on her and scolds her, thinking Nikumbh has made her say this. Its morning, Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh and he quickly goes to wear his shirt.

She says you messed the office as I did not come one day for office, this office belongs to everyone. She says if you have problem with me, you can move me away from your company, we can stay professionals. Azam is annoyed seeing him not accepting Yamini’s feelings. Nikumbh asks Yamini why did she complicate all this by telling her feelings, he is feeling incomplete now. What will be Nikumbh’s decision on accepting Yamini? Keep reading.

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