Shiv brings out Pramila’s truth; She becomes positive by Anandi’s efforts in Balika Vadhu

Shiv comes to the dance academy and sees Anandi. Anandi says I told you about this dance academy and introduces Pramila to Shiv. Shiv is surprised and tells Anandi that the residents of the locality have given him written complaints. Shiv asks the police to follow the orders. Pramila pretends to cry.Anandi defends Pramila and says I know her, she runs a good academy. Shiv says he is bounded by duty and asks the police to check the academy. They check it and don’t get anything there. Saurabh is planting doubt in Vivek’s mind against Saachi. Saurabh goes to Saachi’s room and silently keeps scotch bottle in Saachi’s cupboard.

Vivek picks it and wonders what it is doing in her wardrobe. Vivek asks her to reply. Saachi says I really don’t know. You can’t doubt me without any reason. Vivek argues with Saachi. Their fights begin to happen all thanks to Saurabh. Anandi comes home and is annoyed on Shiv for not believing her and still raiding the place. Anandi says I have full faith that she is not wrong. She says I had promised Pramila that I will support her. Shiv gets to know about Pramila’s immoral activities.Daddu informs Subhadra that her grandson Hardik has come from USA, she is super glad to see him. Gulli’s grand parents come to haveli and gives sweets to Dadisaa. They tell her that Gulli’s alliance is fixed.

Hardik takes everyone’s blessings. Hardik compliments Anandi on her beauty. Academy girls comes to Pramila and tells her that Purabia is in lock up. She was arrested with customer. Anandi says it is a misunderstanding. Shiv says Pramila is equally responsible with her. Anandi says she wants to meet Pramila and can’t believe in the news. Shiv is shocked thinking his wife is not believing him.Anandi comes to Pramila confronting her about bailing Purabia. Pramila says I won’t lie to you. I bailed Purabia, but what to do. I care for her so much. I took her here from her parents’ home. I was like a mother to her. She ditched me. She cries and says I couldn’t believe until now.

She pretends to be innocent. She tells that she was not involved in the sex racket. Anandi apologizes to Pramila and says I thought you wrongly. Shiv tells Anandi to come to see the live show. Anandi says, I know you are talking about Pramila ji. Shiv say I am sure after seeing that, you won’t talk about Pramila and her academy. Hardik meets Gulli and starts liking her. Hardik comes inside the haveli and sees Subhadra. Subhadra looks at him from top to bottom. Hardik thinks she is wearing fancy dress. Subhadra thinks he is like a joker, but looks like Hardik.They don’t identify each other.

Hardik gives bouquet to Dadisaa and says it is sent by Daddu. Hardik comes to Subhadra and calls her Dadi. Subhadra gets up happily and takes his name. She is very happy and kisses him. Pramila gets some people who are interested in her academy girls and promises to give them more than they desires for a good amount. Pramila changes the song and the girls start dancing sensually. The men like the dance and approves them.Hardik and Gulli become friends and she says she will show him the village tomorrow. Pramila welcomes the guests and says I am presenting this dance. Dancers performs on some Rajasthani song.

Anandi and Shiv look in the laptop. Anandi tells Shiv that nothing seems to be wrong. The men sitting at the party asks Pramila to show them a sensual dance. Pramila asks them to wait for the special performance and says Purabia will be presenting the next dance. Purabia comes to the stage and dances vulgarly on the song. People start throwing money on Purabia. Purabia serves drinks to the guests.Anandi is shocked to know Pramila’s truth and goes to meet her. She slaps her hard for fooling her.

Anandi gives her a lecture good enough to open Pramila’s eyes. She accepts her mistake and apologizes to everyone. Saachi sees a gift beneath the pillow kept by Vivek. She likes the gift and says I love you too. She thanks and hugs him. Gulli and Hardik go through sight seeing and have some talk on the way, where they know each other and their lives. Suman makes Saachi eat laddoos in which she added wine. Saachi eats it and sleeps. Saurabh makes her sleep in his room. Vivek comes home in the morning and sees Saurabh sleeping on the chair.

Saurabh says he was sleeping in his room. Saachi came to his room and tried to get physical with him. Saachi was drunk and even slept in my room. Vivek is shocked and goes to take an answer from Saachi for the bad act. What will Saachi reply? Will Saurabh ruin the trust and love between them? Keep reading.