Lajjo catches Ratri’s secret and gets back in the dancing star competition in Gustakh Dil

Nani comes to meet Lajjo and she is surprised to see her. Nani says I used my mind, I heard Barkha’s talk hiding and came to know that you are Trishna and will do great thing in Sagar’s show. Lajjo says so Barkha sent you to convince me to go to Sonbarsa, as I failed. Nani asks what are you saying. Lajjo tells her everything. Nikhil makes Ayesha and Adhiraj meet on lunch and is shocked seeing them fight so much. Lajjo tells Nani everything what Ratri did and cries. She says no one will believe me, how will I tell Nikhil the pics are wrong. Nani encourages her and says this time I won’t support Barkha, as this time what she is doing is wrong as she is killing Nikhil’s happiness in her ego.

Lajjo says Ratri will defame me. Nani says even she has some secrets, give me some time.Nani finds out that Ratri was involved in drug case and tells this to Lajjo. They go to the police station and cleverly get her criminal record. Sagar fails to get loan and is shattered thinking Kabir is doing all this. Kabir and Ratri are together, laughing out how Sagar and Lajjo backed out of the competition. Lajjo says your game will turn to you, and shows Ratri the legal documents against her, saying I brought a gift for you. Ratri is shocked seeing her criminal record. Kabir sees the crime report and is shocked as he was not aware of this. Lajjo says this will be headlines of all newspapers. Kabir asks what does she want now.

Lajjo says a chance, I will compete with Ratri in the competition. They agree. Kabir gets angry on Ratri for hiding this from him. Sagar sits to drink wine and Lajjo stops him. . She says wine is not a solution for problems, it’s the biggest problem of life. He says I forgot whom am I talking, you are Lajjo who solves everyone’s problem, tell me then, we are losing to Ratri despite being better, is there any solution for this. Lajjo shows him the crimical record of Ratri. Lajjo says we are back in the competition, now the scores are leveled, I made her delete the pics, now we have one chance to show our talent. Sagar is glad and says this is amazing Lajjo. She asks him to never touch wine again for Mili’s sake.

Nikhil tries to know from Ayesha what does she feel for Adhiraj, but she says now she is getting married, and that man is an animal, who does not have any class and manners. He says I know my sister, she gets angry on those whom she loves. He says tell me the truth once. She says the truth is I can never love him, love does not have any place in my life, mum wants me to marry Karanvir and I will marry him.Anjali comes to know that Lajjo is Nikhil’s wife and that Barkha did not accept her yet. The raid officers come to Nikhil and asks him to get his bag checked. He gets saved this time and the manager comes to know this and is glad they did not catch Nikhil. They send Nikhil to Mumbai.

Sagar brings Lajjo to show her Trishna’s pic on the hoardings. Lajjo is stunned seeing it. She starts crying seeing it and thinks how Barkha insulted her and her family because of their poverty. He says that is Trishna, new look and identity of Lajjo. He says you will be seen like this now. Sagar says Lajjo, don’t cry, no one will call you illiterate villager girl now, no one will dare, the one who wanted to see you fail, you have given them answers, you won over them.Anjali understands Sagar is falling for Lajjo and asks him not to have any hope as she is married. Anjali takes Lajjo for a shopping.

Nani brings everyone to show the hoardings. Gunjan and Rishi are very happy seeing her, but Barkha is shocked. She asks Nani why did she not tell her, if she knew Sagar has chosen Lajjo. Nani says if you did not share, why would I, you also knew this Lajjo is Trishna. Gunjan says you knew this and didn’t help her. he says some people are still after Lajjo, troubling her, but Lajjo has faced all difficulties alone and now she has gone very high and ahead of all of us. Barkha decides not to let Lajjo win the competition. What will Barkha and Ratri do now to make Lajjo fail? Keep reading.

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