Soham gets his memory back and unites with his wife Rajji in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani talks to Parmeet on phone and Soham comes to Bani asking whom is she talking to. Bani lies to him saying she is talking to Rajji. Soham says but I heard a man’s voice. Bani says yes, actually she was telling me about Parmeet and her fight, and then Parmeet took the phone and was asking me how to make Rajji happy. Soham asks her not to interfere between Parmeet and Rajji as this can create troubles between them. Bani says fine, I will not talk to them and try to make them spend much time. Rajji cooks and does lots of household work. Raymon comes to her and shows her the phone.

Rajji thinks about her warnings. She does not tell anyone that Raymon is blackmailing her to do the work else she will call Soham.Rajji cries being worried for Soham. Bani takes good care of Soham. Few days passes and Soham starts getting better. Soham thinks he has to do something to give love to Bani. Soham starts decorating the room to give Bani a big surprise. . Bani comes to her room at night and is shocked to see the suhaagraat decorations. He says I want to give you happiness, its my turn now.

He says I will make your every dream true, our new life will start with this night. Bani says this can’t happen between us and gets tensed. Soham asks her the reason for this. He says we are husband and wife and its our suhaagraat today. Rajji feels restless at the Bhullar house. She says because I have a mannat. I went to temple and met a woman. She asked me to have a mannat. Even her husband was ill and she did this mannat and her husband became well. She says so I also made the mannat, to stay away from you for 40 days. Soham says its fine, you did this for my well being, don’t worry, I will support you, we will unite after your mannat ends. Bani cries and leaves the room.

Rajji lies down to sleep ad she is much tired. Raymon comes to her and asks her to wash her expensive clothes by hand and in cold water. Rajji is shocked and says I will wash in morning. Raymon says no, I have to wear them in morning, so you better wash it now else I will talk to Soham. Rajji agrees and washes the clothes at night using cold water. She gets unwell and goes to sleep. In morning, Raymon asks her to iron the clothes. Rajji does it being so unwell and then goes to kitchen to cook for Raymon. Parmeet sees Rajji coming out of the kitchen and says you look so tired.

He says I brought you here, if anything happens to you, I will lose Bani’s trust. Rajji thinks about Raymon’s threatening words. Rajji says I m doing this for Soham. Rajji lies to Parmeet and says I want to keep myself busy in work so that I don’t miss Soham. Parmeet understands her as he also does the same to stop missing Bani. Bani asks Guggie and Kookie to enact Soham and Rajji’s fight. They do so and Soham thinks about Rajji. Parmeet calls the doctor to check Rajji and she asks Rajji to take complete rest. Raymon smiles and makes Rajji cook for her 10 friends and asks her to wear Gagan’s boutique clothes and do modeling wearing high heels. Rajji says she is pregnant and can’t wear high heels. But Raymon threatens her about Soham. Rajji agrees and does everything like Raymon said.

She atlast falls and Bani holds her. Bani looks at Rajji’s clothes. Bani comes to know that Raymon made Rajji do this and tells this to Parmeet. Parmeet goes to scold Raymon. Parmeet says you forgot my history, I m the man who tried to kill my wife, who can do this, think what I can do with you.Raymon gets worried. Bani tells Soham that they will stay here at night. Soham agrees. Bani and Parmeet leave Soham with Rajji in darkness and she hugs him. When he sees her face, he is shocked as he thought its Bani. Soham tells Bani that they will leave. They come home and Soham thinks of Rajji’s confession of love.

Rajji and Parmeet come there and try to make him remember about his marriage with Rajji. Parmeet says he will marry Rajji once again and takes the rounds. Soham gets his memory back and sees his wife Rajji’s face. He wakes up and the doctor checks him. He asks everyone where is my wife Rajji. Everyone is happy. Rajji comes to Soham and hugs him. Bani is really happy seeing them. Will Bani forgive Parmeet and accept him as husband? What will Raymon do next? Keep reading.