Pakhi meets Anshuman’s mum in Delhi; Anshuman decides to find his mum and Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman and Pakhi book tickets for each other for Shimla. Anshuman apologizes to Pakhi once again, accepting his big mistake. He says I know I crossed every limit, calling you characterless and kicked out of the house. He asks her to swear on him keeping hand on his head and say him that she does not love him. Pakhi takes her hand back. He says he understood her answer. He says I got my answer, if you love me, then Pakhi every love has to go through a test and you passed in every exam and I failed in every test.

He tells her that she loves him, that is why she did not tell her family about their failed relation and their big fight. He thanks her for keeping his respect in her house and assures her that he will not repeat such thing again. He says I promise I will not do this again. Please come back home. She does not reply him and leaves. Anshuman says you did not say anything, but I will tell everything to them, all the truth, if they forgive me, maybe you will also forgive me.

Bhaisa was standing there and he heard all what Anshuman said. He gets angry and goes home. Anshuman comes homes and sees everyone angry on him. He says Tausa, I have to tell you something. Tau sa just slaps him without listening to him. Tausa says you went on your dad, how can we think you won’t become like him, your dad called your mum characterless and she left, but Pakhi is not an orphan, she has a family. Bhaisa too scolds Anshuman and says once Pakhi saved you from my anger, but this time I will not leave you. Bhaisa starts beating Anshuman telling his mistakes, how much her has hurt Pakhi and them.

Bhaisa kicks him and says don’t take Pakhi’s name else we will cut you tongue. Anshuman apologizes to him and asks them to forgive him and send Pakhi back with him. Bhaisa is about to kill him with a big rod and Pakhi just comes in the nick of time. She stops Bhaisa and runs to Anshuman to see his wounds. Pakhi says you did Kanyadaan, now you don’t have any right on me. Did I complain about him, I did not tell you I left my house, so no one has the right to beat him. She says you can’t see tears in my eyes, then can you see me becoming widow? Bhaisa apologizes to her realizing what big mistake was he doing. Pakhi takes care of Anshuman and he thinks she has forgiven him.

Pakhi talks to her family and asks them to respect Anshuman as before, as this problem is their personal matter, and husband and wife will solve it. They don’t need to interfere in between. Everyone agree to her. Anshuman feels her goodness and is happy thinking he will talk Pakhi back home.He wakes up next morning and is excited to meet Pakhi. Bhaisa asks him to come for breakfast. Anshuman asks him where is Pakhi. He looks out everywhere and panics on not finding her. Bhaisa says she has left our home. Bhabhisa says she left you and also us, she has gone out of Chittor. Anshuman gets shocked. He asks them where did Pakhi go. No one tells him anything. Anshuman cries saying Pakhi is his life and he can’t live without her.

Chutki tells Anshuman that Pakhi is going by bus, so he should go and check the bus stop. Anshuman thanks her and rushes to the bus stop. He finds Pakhi, and she hides her face. He sees her leaving in the bus and she throws some letters. He reads the letter which has her wait and pain. He comes home and apologizes to Ayaan and Lavanya for not bringing Pakhi back. He tells Lavanya that he will bring back his mum back first, to understand Pakhi’s pain and love. He meets his Mama who tells them about their mum. Pakhi lands in Dekhi and gets a room to be shared with Deepika and Anuja.

Anuja is an old lady who is fitter than them. She is a dance instructor.Pakhi feels she is good at heart but shows she does not have feelings. The agent asks them to vacate the house. Anuja says we can’t leave this house and have to find some solution. Anshuman decides to give an ad in the paper so that their mum can see their childhood pics and come back to them. Will Anshuman get Pakhi and his mum back? Will Pakhi forgive him? Keep reading.