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The principal tries convincing Bhaiya ji about Chakor’s admission in school. He informs his niece Abha about his step. Abha thanks him. ejaswini says she did not like principal’s idea. Bhaiya ji says he was just suggesting us, it would be good for our party campaign, if Chakor goes to school, it will benefit us. Chakor comes and says she won’t go to school as she has promised that she won’t touch education. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Chakor says I gave promise to Bhaiya ji and told all villagers about education being bad thing, they will call me liar and their trust will break.

Bhaiya ji tells the principal to inform them that Chakor was Bandhua here and will always be, she stays here in our haveli as our bandhua. Arjun comes and says I will light Chakor’s dying light. He says I could not speak to her and I m going Aazaadgunj as sports teacher of that school. The sports authority is sending me to know why is Chakor getting admission. Ishwar is glad and thanks him. Manohar and Lakhan get mistaken seeing Arjun Sir and think he is Arjun Desai, the survey officer. They bring him to the haveli. Arjun is welcomes by garlands by Bhaiya ji. Chakor sees Arjun and calls him.

Arjun hears Chakor and tries to find her, but Bhaiya ji orders Girja to lock Chakor. He says I m glad to see young people having the political strength. Tejaswini does his aarti. Arjun talks to Vivaan and gets to know about Chakor being kept in stable. Bhaiya ji start impressing Arjun, thinking to get the election ticket by his good positive report. Chakor smiles seeing Arjun. Arjun gets angry seeing the chains. Arjun talks to her, and tells Bhaiya ji that the girl is saying good things about you. Bhaiya ji gets surprised and laughs.

Chakor and Arjun fool him by praising him, and make him invite the village at haveli and celebrate Makar Sankranti. Arjun says I understand, but I trust eyes and ears, I spoke to Chakor, now I will meet villagers and talk to them, then I will give you clean chit, then you will get ticket. Tejaswini asks Chakor why did she lie to Arjun that they take care of her. Chakor fools her in her words, and makes Bhaiya ji believe her. Bhaiya ji asks Arjun to start. Arjun says I will just have orange juice, as I care for the kids a lot, as kids are our country’s future. He says if Chakor eats well, studies and runs, then who knows what can she become. He says yes, she is already become something.

Tejaswini asks Manohar to tell all villagers that they will celebrate Makar Sanskranti at haveli and invite them. Imli says she wants to earn money to free Chakor from bonded labor. Imli makes the kites by learning from Dadi. She sits all night and makes the kites. She then tries selling it, and meets the real surveyor Arjun Desai. He comes to know about Chakor and everyone being Bandhua. He recalls Aditya’s words.

She says many people are bandhua. He asks the owner’s name. She says Bhaiya ji. He says Kamal Narayan. She asks does he know Chakor, I know you can’t do anything for her, she is bandhua and will always be bandhua. He buys the kites and finds more bad things about Bhaiya ji from the villagers. Kasturi scolds Imli and asks who gave her money. Imli says no, I sold the kites to a rich man. They all go to the haveli to meet Chakor, as they are all invited by Bhaiya ji for Sankranti celebrations. Chakor waits for her parents. She sees her family and is very much glad. Arjun sees Bhuvan and hides.

Chakor hugs her family and smiles. Ranjana sees Arjun and thinks she has seen him in Lucknow. Vivaan diverts her mind and sends her off. The villagers start flying kites. Bhuvan meets Arjun and thanks him for supporting Chakor. Chakor tells Bhuvan not to say anything, Arjun has come here as something else. Bhuvan says fine, so this festival is celebrated because of him. She says yes. Arjun gives him the kite and wishes Sankranti. Imli gives icecream to Chakor and Kasturi says Imli has earned the money. Chakor gets glad and says Imli is free, I can’t do this as I m Bandhua.

Imli gets upset and decides to free Chakor soon. Chakor does not fly kite and stares at her family. Dadi asks her to fly. Chakor says let me see you all, don’t know when will I see you again. They get upset. Bhuvan teaches Kasturi to fly kite. Kasturi asks who was he who gave you this kite. Chakor says he is big officer, you fly the kite. Kasturi flies the kite and it gets tangled with Tejaswini. Bhuvan gets afraid seeing Bhaiya ji. Kasturi decides to leave the kite. What will Bhaiya ji do knowing about Chakor and Arjun Sir’s lie? Keep reading.