Trisha gets arrested for Amrita’s murder in Laut Aao Trisha

Vivan gets questioned for Amrita’s murder. Gaurav asks if he is doubting Vivan. Officer says many things point at Vivan. Sonali searches her room and finds drug packet in her purse. Gaurav asks if she was searching it and asks what is it. She says she hid Vivan’s drugs here. Meghan gets tensed thinking she is Amrita’s murderer and police will question her now. She reminisces Amrita’s death and thinks if she is sentenced, she will lose her family. Meghan tells Lavanya that she wants to go out on a holiday.

Lavanya asks why. Meghan says she made a mistake and says she loves Aditya and Aditya loves Trisha, tells her how she mixed drugs in drinks for Aditya to get intimate with him and Amrita drank that drinks by mistake, says her intention was not to kill anybody and it was just a mistake. Kushan hears their conversation. Lavanya says Meghan if she thinks Amrita died due to drug overdose and gets panicked that she lost her son, her husband may go to jail anytime and her daughter is a murderer. Meghan says she does not want to go to jail and to save her. Inspector Jagat Jeet Singh makes an entry. He says he came to arrest Amrita’s murderer.

Sonali gets nervous. Consgable hand cuffs Trisha instead. He says Amrita’s drink glass had Trisha’s finger prints. Gaurav asks is that evidence enough to prove Trisha guilty. Kidnapper throws Meghan out of his car in an unconscious, dilapadated state and flees. Kushan and Lavanya pick her up, calls their doc and rushes her to hospital. Lavanya brings Meghan to her friend’s hosital and asks her doc friend not to leak Meghan’s rape news. Lavanya consoles her and sends her with doc for examination. Kushan hugs her and says they are helpless. She gets Gaurav’s call who informs about Trisha’s arrest in Amrita’s murder charges.

The doctor examines Meghan and informs Lavanya and Kushan that she is not raped. Meghan gets flashback of goon trying to rape her and wakes up panicked. Kushan calms her down. Meghan asks if he is alright now and says he will not tell about it to anyone. Kushan sees Meghan sleeping and reminisces video of kidnapper injecting sedative to her. He apologizes her and says he could not give a life to her and Bobby which they deserved and to safeguard his status, he fell in his children’s eyes. He says he still remembers Bobby’s eyes when he could not believe his dad kidnapped Trisha and died in his arms.

Meghan says he did not do anything wrong and consoles him. Lavanya feeds Meghan and asks her to not get afraid, she will protect her. Meghan says she wants to kill the kidnapper. Lavanya promises that she will kill him, but she should try and forget the incident and be strong. Lavanya and Kushan come to watchman’s house and start searching with mobile torch. Kidnapper comes there and holds her on knife’s point. Kushan says Lavanya that kidnapper knew they would go there, so he was waiting for them already.

Lavanya says Kushan that she thinks Jahnavi is behind all this. He asks if she has her contacts. She says she will find out from college, but doubts if they will have old records, she will check old friends also. Lavanya calls Pratik’s old batch mates and asks about Jahnavi, but nobody has any info regarding her. She tries to call professors, but their numbers have changed. She thinks where did Jahnavi disappear. Gaurav comes to police station and meets inspector Jagatjeet. Inspector says if he is thinking, he will get Trisha out, then he is thinking wrong.

Gaurav says he and his department did wrong by trapping Trisha into false case for their publicity. He asks lawyers to come in. Lawyer introduces himself as Shashank Jhunjunwala and says he is handling Trisha’s case. Lawyer meets Trisha and says he does not care if she did Amrita’s murder or not, his work is to get her out from jail. Gaurav meets Nikhil in a secluded place. Nikhil says heard that he got a lawyer for Trisha, but should have thought of Swaika group. Gaurav asks to stop his drama. Nikhil says to get out of this mess, he needs 25 crores in 24 hours and wants it via Vivan. Gaurav says he will get money.

Lavanya meets Kabeer’s officer and bribes him to get Jahnavi’s pic. Vivan gets panicked seeing Gaurav and Nikhil together and takes out drugs to sniff, but reminisces Amrita’s words and stops. Gaurav asks his cashier to get 25 crores cash right now. Vivan comes there and asks how can he meet Nikhil again. Gaurav says he was forced to meet him and says Nikhil called and blackmailed that if he does not get 25 crores, he will inform media about their relationship.

Meghan reminisces of blackmailing Aditya to accept her proposal and thinks she is paying for her bad deeds and because of her, Trisha is in jail. She thinks Trisha used to love her like her own sister, but she betrayed her. She will go and apologize to her. Lawyer says he needs some more documents and his secretary will give the list. Gaurav asks if Trisha will be saved. Lawyer assures him and says court hearing is in 5 days and says he will get updates daily. Gaurav thanks him. Will Trisha be proved innocent? Keep reading.