Tanya pushes Pakhi off the terrace to kill her in Tumhari Pakhi

Tanya was trying harder to win the challenge but she was running short of money. He calls her dad Mr. Rana and asks him to send some money for her. Mr. Rana agrees and sends her Rs. 40000 in four sweet boxes. Anshuman and Pakhi sit to do the Ghunghor puja with Ayaan. Ayaan tells Anshuman that his friends came and is asking for sweets. Anshuman asks him to go to kitchen and take it. Ayaan takes Tanya’s money boxes and runs. Tanya sees him running with the boxes and tries to stop him. Anshuman asks why is she stopping Ayaan. She gives up as she can’t tell the reason to Anshuman. She has Rs. 10000 and Maa ji brings many bills for her. Tanya is upset and pays the bills. She needs more money and breaks Ayaan’s piggy bank.

She asks the servants to lend her some money to make her win the challenge. Girish asks Tanya to cook Rajasthani food for the festival. Pakhi says she will cook. Anshuman asks Pakhi to cook as Tanya does not know cooking Indian food. Girish challenges Tanya and she agrees. Tanya tries hard to make the food but fails. She then orders the food from the hotel. She makes sure she wins the challenge. Girish asks Anshuman about his decision about the challenge winner. Anshuman tells him that the challenge does not matter to him and he has taken the decision already. Girish asks what is it. Anshuman tells him that he will not marry Tanya and will not let Pakhi leave the house. He says Pakhi will always stay with me and Ayaan. Girish is happy with his decision. Tanya hears this and makes a plan.

Tanya tells Anshuman she won the challenge and hugs him. She asks him to kick out Pakhi from the house. Anshuman says he can’t, as Pakhi is Ayaan’s mum and she will always stay with him. He tells her that he can’t marry her against Ayaan’s wish. He tells her that his priority is now Ayaan’s happiness. H/e should not feel absence of a mother in his life. Tanya is shocked and asks Anshuman to better watch on his decision. Anshuman asks her to leave from his house. Tanya meets Ayaan and manipulates his mind saying Anshuman has killed your mum and will kill Pakhi too, as he loves only me, so if you want to see Pakhi alive then choose me as your mum and let Pakhi go from here. Ayaan is scared and comes home.

He tells Anshuman that he does not want Pakhi and wants Tanya as his mum. Anshuman and Pakhi are shocked. Tanya is happy and sticks in the house once again saying I can’t break Ayaan’s heart, if he wants me to stay here, I will stay here for his happiness. Pakhi doubts on Tanya seeing Ayaan’s scared state and tries to find out what is the matter. Pakhi talks to Girish and Lavanya and they advice her to talk to Ayaan. Pakhi talks to Ayaan about why is he asking her to leave the house. She tells him she will not go anywhere. Ayaan shouts on her asking her to leave else they will kill her. She understands that Tanya has scared him. Ayaan tells her what Tanya told him. Pakhi asks Ayaan to trust Anshuman, as he has not killed his mum, it was an accident.

Girish and Lavanya are shocked to know that Tanya lied to this extent and played with a kid’s mind. Pakhi asks Ayaan to talk to Tanya and records everything. Tanya sees Pakhi and beats her to take the recording. Pakhi tries to run but Tanya locks her in the room. She calls her dad there. He asks Tanya to kill Pakhi. Mr. Rana increases the temperature of the room and Pakhi faints. Anshuman comes and looks for Pakhi. Tanya lies to him that Pakhi is not at home, but he gets Pakhi. He goes to call the doctor. Tanya tries killing Pakhi by suffocating her. Pakhi wakes up and runs to save her life.

Pakhi goes to the terrace. Tanya follows her and they have a fight. Tanya pushes Pakhi off the terrace. Anshuman is stopped by Girish and Lavanya and they tell him that they have to save Pakhi, as Tanya will kill her. All of them see Pakhi being pushed by Tanya. They are shocked. Will Pakhi die? Will Anshuman be able to save Pakhi? Keep reading.