Tau ji shocked to know Simran’s truth and kicks her and Rajveer out of his house in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

Tau ji and Tai ji completes their 30 years of marriage and everyone suggests them to take the marital vows again and arranges their marriage on a grand scale inviting the whole village. Tau ji and Tau ji’s marriage is done again. Everyone are happy seeing the old couple reviving their past and making promises again. Tau ji is glad that happiness came in his house after so long. He sees everyone happy and wants to capture these moments. He asks everyone to come for a family photo. Soon then, Didi asks Gabru to show them the movie he made for their entertainment where Rano acted as Simran and Gabru as Rajveer. Gabru tells the story about the love and uniting two lovers, a village boy and a city girl.

Gabru shows the video in which he shows the entire love story of Rajveer and Simran, how they met in Singapore in Simran’s office and gradually fell in love. How Rajveer left her for the family’s sake and came back to his village. Simran followed him to pursue her love and met him in the village again. How Simran lied to him and deceived him and his family to marry him stating she is a village girl who is not educated and knows only kitchen life. Gabru is not aware what Lohari wants to prove to Tau ji and becomes a fool to create troubles for Rajveer and Simran. The video shows how Simran lies to everyone at home about her education and love.

How she has adapted the family but by lying to Tau ji and everyone. Everyone watching the video understand that it is about Rajveer and Rano. Gabru realizes his mistake that he has done a big thing by creating so much troubles for Simran now. Tau ji shouts is this about my bahu Simran. He gets angry hearing the villagers laugh on him, as he is against girl education and has an educated bahu at his home, who has fooled him all around. Chanchal is also hurt by this truth coming out as she did not know anything before. The people who knew such as Jaggi, Hoshiyar and Dadi are shocked and don’t know how to cool down Tau ji.

Lohari and Rajo are very happy thinking now Tau ji will either kill Simran or throw her out of the house. Tau ji brings his gun and asks Simran to kill him, as she has already taken his life by lying to him so much and cheating him every day. He then aims at Simran to kill her in anger. Rajveer comes infront of her and admits to Tau ji that he is the one who has stopped Simran from telling the truth to him as he was scared of his reaction. Rajveer says it was his mistake and Simran should not be punished. He asks Tau ji to kill him. Everyone stop Tau ji and he fires in the air. Dadi asks Tau ji to forgive them and accept them as they did not mean to hurt him.

Tau ji does not understand anything and is much hurt by what Rajveer and Simran did. He asks Simran to leave the house and go back to Singapore. Rajveer tells everyone that if Simran has to leave the house, he will also go with her as he is her husband and has to support her in tough times. Chanchal slaps him for not thinking about her. Rajo pleads Rajveer not to go else she will die. Rajveer does not listen to her. Even Lohari tries to stop Rajveer but she fails.

Rajveer and Simran leave the house and wander on the road looking for a place to stay. No one gives them a house thinking about Tau ji’s anger and if he comes to know that they are supporting them, Tau ji will kill them. They don’t get any place, not even lodges. The whole village gossips about them. Rajveer and Simran are tensed and look on to stay somewhere. Rajveer promises Simran that he will always be with her and Simran also gives him strength to have hope in such time of crisis. Lohari tells Rajo that Rajveer will not be able to survive on his own and come back soon. She promises Rajo that she will bring Rajveer back in the house. Will Tau ji ever forgive Rajveer and Simran for their big lie? Keep reading.