Vivek and Saachi getting married; Anandi generously helping needy in Balika Vadhu

Anandi bravely saves the kids from the clutches of the begging rackets. She sees a child Sonu begging on the roads and asks her about his mum. He tells her that that lady is not his mum and making him beg. He tells about the other kids caught by such people. Anandi tells the kids that she will help them get free and have a good life like all the normal kids have, education and freedom. The lady comes and catches Anandi. Shiv comes there with police and saves Anandi. The lady gets arrested. Sonu asks Anandi will he live a normal life now. Anandi says yes, and happily. She gives all the kids a group hug and takes care of them. They thank her for making them free of a shameful life and making their life prosperous. Shiv looks at Anandi being proud of her.

Ratan Singh keeps many conditions before going for the marrow operation. He asks Jagya to accept his conditions and comes there with his lawyer. Jagya looks at Mannu’s face and signs the documents agreeing to all his conditions. Ratan Singh and Mannu are taken for the bone marrow transplant operation. Everyone pray for Mannu that he gets well. Ganga gets worried and cries thinking how tough is the operation. Sumitra pacifies her and asks her to have faith in the Lord, everything will be fine. Soon after some time, Jagya comes out off the operation theatre and tells everyone that the operation was successful and Mannu will be fine soon. Everyone are very happy and thank the Lord.

Another case that Anandi deals with is of an old lady Suhasini whom she meets at the old age home while giving the blankets to the needy women. Suhasini tells her that her son has left her there saying he will come back and take her with him along. Suhasini has much trust on her son and she waits so much. Anandi asks her about her son. Suhasini tells her the whole story how she came here and why she is waiting. Anandi says lets go to the hotel where your son is staying and meet him. Anandi takes her along and they come to know that he left the hotel and went back. Suhasini is shattered knowing his son has dropped her at the old age home and wants to get rid of his mum without whom he could not have lived ever.

Suhashini cries and Anandi consoles her. Anandi asks her to go back to her son and confront him. Jagya tells Ratan Singh’s parents that Mannu’s recovery will take few days and he has to be in the hospital. He asks them to take Mannu with them once he is totally fine. They agree and leave. Anandi takes Suhasini to Mumbai to meet her son. Her son is not at home. Suhasini takes the keys from the neighbors and breaks into the house. She looks around and comes to know that her room is given to someone else now. She can’t believe that her son has cheated her. She tells Anandi that now it is time for her to teach her son a lesson.

She calls a property agent and tells him that she wants to sell her house today itself. The agent says but your son will claim on the property later, his decision also matters. Suhasini tells him that it is her house and no one can claim it. She asks him to buy the house. The agent agrees and gives her the cheque. Anandi is happy that Suhasini became strong. Her son comes back home and is shocked to know that Suhasini has sold the house to someone else. The neighbors taunt him for doing so much wrong with his mum, leaving her at an old age home. They tell him that this is a good reply for you. He realizes his mistake and feels ashamed.

Jagya tells everyone that we have to give Mannu to Ratan Singh’s family in two days. Everyone cry and break down. Dadisa prays hoping for any miracle to happen. Anandi comes home and tells everything to Shiv. Shiv praises Suhasini for doing the right thing. Vivek and Saachi’s marriage date is fixed and they make the invitation cards. Saachi tells Anandi that she wants to invite Vivek’s parents in her marriage. Anandi looks shocked and feels Saachi is thinking great and is proud of her. What will be Vivek’s mum’s reaction knowing Saachi is marrying Vivek? Will she accept Saachi? Will Ganga lose Mannu forever? Keep reading.